Fumou Chitai – Episode 13 Synopsis

Episode 13: Eat or be eaten


Iki accompanies Daimon to visit the residence of Tabuchi, the secretary general of the Liberal Party who is also called the prime minister-elect. Tabuchi mentions the partnership talks between Chiyoda Motors and Fork Corporation, telling the two of them that issues concerning national interests require the party’s approval before that of the relevant ministries and agencies. Perceiving that Tabuchi had summoned Daimon because he wishes to be involved in the partnership talks, Iki replies that they will look to him for advice to work out the negotiations between the two companies.

Meanwhile, Satoi, who has returned from a business trip, learns about the meeting with Tabuchi. He summons Iki and has an outburst of anger, saying that it was extremely undignified for Daimon as the CEO to rush over because of a phone call. Iki denies Satoi’s misgivings that Daimon hurried because he wished to meet Tabuchi, and tells him Ehrlichman, who was supposed to be in Australia, had actually been with Samejima. Then, Satoi, says Iki’s tactic of unnecessarily stirring up a sense of impending crisis with gimmicks is lost on him. He turns a deaf ear to Iki’s words and uses his authority as the deputy CEO to remove Iki as a project member of the partnership talks.

Satoi, who had just collapsed from a heart attack, is advised by the doctor to refrain from business trips, but he brushes aside the opposition of Katsue and Kakuta, and heads to Detriot to work out the negotiations with Fork Corporation. However, Plant suddenly presents new terms to him. It is to raise Fork’s controlling stake in the new joint venture company with Chiyoda Motors to 51 percent, and to lower Chiyoda’s to 49 percent.

Returning to Japan, Satoi meets Chairman Mori, Executive Managing Director Murayama and Komaki of Chiyoda Motors together with Daimon to tell them about Fork Corporation’s wishes. Then, Kakuta comes in with the evening edition of Maichou Shimbun in hand. Tokyo Corporation has formally announced Fork Corporation’s partnership with Towa Motors in an article run on the front page. It is a scoop written by Tawara. Iki, who arrived late, hands an express mail which had just been sent from Fork Corporation’s chairman to Daimon. It contains a document stating the termination of negotiations with Chiyoda Motors. Satoi is dealt a rude shock which seems to tear at his heart. He collapses and is brought to the hospital.

Fortunately, Satoi escapes death. However, his doctor’s diagnosis is that he is not fit for the same kind of hard work even though he can be back at work.

Iki, who has returned to New York, thanks Kaibe, Hanawa and Yatsuka for the hard work that they have put in, and at the same time tells them that he will be going back to Tokyo. Yatsuka comes to Iki’s apartment to help him to move. He suggests that Chiyoda Motors tie up with either of the remaining two companies among the big three. Kaibe and Hanawa also agree. Iki replies that he will try to sound Chiyoda Motors out at an appropriate time.

Back in Tokyo, Iki attends the shareholders meeting in Osaka without taking a break. He is appointed senior managing director at this meeting. However, one man objects and distributes flyers calling Iki a spy for the councillor of the Soviet Embassy in Japan since his Siberia days. This causes an uproar in the hall for a moment.

In the evening, Iki visits Daimon’s office and asserts that the contents of the anonymous document is groundless. Daimon tells Iki that he is the frontrunner to be the next CEO. Taking the relationship between Satoi and Iki as an example, Daimon says the closer an able man gets to him, the more he may have to consider things he would never had to think about. Even so, Daimon says he does not mind being deceived by Iki. Iki replies that he knows best that he does not have the calibre to be a leader, and asks to continue being Daimon’s aide.

Iki meets Tanigawa again. Tanigawa tells Iki that he wants to build a memorial at Maizuru for the comrades, who had lost their lives in Siberia and whose remains cannot be returned. Maizuru was the place where detainees repatriated from Siberia first stepped onto Japanese land.

Iki’s daughter, Naoko, and her husband, Tomoatsu, have been staying in what used to be the home of the Iki family. They try to invite Iki to live together with them in that home. However, Iki turns them down, saying an apartment is more convenient for him to live on his own. Tomoatsu urges his father-in-law to remarry but is ignored.

That night, Chisato comes to Iki’s apartment. She notices the vase that she had made when they tidy up the place together. It is an item that Iki had treasured even while in New York. Asked by Iki, Chisato searches for a place to put the vase until the apartment is put in order. She opens the cabinet of the upper closet in the Japanese-style room. There is a small Buddhist altar with Yoshiko’s tablet enshrined in it. Seeing that, Chisato suddenly declares that she has to leave. Iki restrains her, saying that he had also rented this apartment so he can relax with her.

Then, Iki receives a phone call from his son, Makoto. Makoto, who is involved in Goi Trading’s agriculture project in Indonesia, has returned to Japan one week ahead of schedule. He tells Iki that he wants to pray to Yoshiko’s tablet. Iki hesitates for a moment, then replies that he will be waiting for him. Sensing his feelings, Chisato says, “It’s better if I weren’t here,” and heads out of the apartment.

Makoto soon pays a visit. Father and son are about to have drinks together for their first reunion in a long while. However, Makoto, who is making preparations for that, notices lipstick on a glass placed in the sink. He angrily demands to know what Iki had been doing in the room with his mother’s tablet and storms out.

Half a year later in December 1970, Hyodo, now the head of the Petroleum Division, obtains information that an oil field in Iran is on the market. There is also a possibility that it is the Sarvestan oil field which he had previously had his eye on. Taking the documents on the Sarvestan oil field, Hyodo rushes out of the room. He visits Iki’s office where he bows his head and asks for Iki’s help toward the realisation of oil development. Knowing Hyodo’s strong determination, Iki instructs him to head to Iran immediately.

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