Fumou Chitai – Episode 10 Synopsis

Episode 10: Love and ambition


Iki, who has become the President of Kinki Corporation US, plans a partnership between Fork Corporation, one of the big three in the US automotive industry, and the troubled Chiyoda Motors. The negotiations are very difficult but with the help of Lee Shik Yuen, the Chairman of the Korean company, Kosei Corporation, Iki succeeds in meeting with the chairman of Fork Corporation and obtains the power of attorney for the partnership with Chiyoda Motors

Iki is to return to Japan in order to deliver the power of attorney to Daimon. On his way back to Japan, Iki stops in Korea and visits Lee. He gets the opportunity to meet President Chui with Lee serving as the intermediary, and he learns about plans to construct a subway in Seoul and the need for Japanese assistance.

When Iki returns to Japan, he immediately visits Satoi. Apologising for working at cross purposes for the partnership of Chiyoda Motors and Fork Corporation, he tells Satoi about the Korean subway project from the information he had obtained from President Chui. This is Iki’s gift to Satoi for pursuing the partnership talks with him. Satoi jumps at the offer. He replies that he will personally tell Daimon and formulate measures. Then, Satoi starts to talk about Ichimaru Matsujiro, one of the Vice Presidents who has been aggressively forming a faction because he has his sights on being the next CEO, and asks Iki for his views. In response to this, Iki replies that it is Satoi, who has supported Daimon for many years and that anyone else would be unthinkable.

Iki shows up at the Tokyo head office and is called by Ichimaru. Ichimaru is happy that the plan for the Korean synthetic fibre plant, which had been sent back, is being put on review because of Iki’s negotiations. When they part, Ichimaru mentions Satoi and warns Iki to be wary because Satoi intends to send him to an affiliated company if he comes back to Tokyo.

That night, Iki makes an appearance at Chisato’s private exhibition in Ginza. He had received the invitation from Chisato on the day of his return to Japan. Reunited after two years, Iki and Chisato feel a palpable connection with each other. Chisato promises to give a celadon porcelain vase, which has a special place in her heart, to Iki.

The following day, Iki, Daimon and Satoi attend a three-way meeting with Chiyoda Motors and its main bank, Daisan Bank. Tawara detects some action relating to Chiyoda Motors because of Iki’s return to Japan but Iki dodges him. At the meeting, Iki conveys Fork Corporation’s intentions in relation to the partnership. Mori, the CEO of Chiyoda Motors, naturally objects to the two conditions laid down by Fork Corporation, which is a fifty percent interest in the company and the dispatch of its executive officers. Daimon and Iki have told Fork Corporation about Chiyoda Motors’ intentions and made the company agree to to sit at the same table and discuss.

That night, Tanigawa visits Iki at home. Tanigawa is concerned about Iki living alone in the US and advises him to remarry. Iki is grateful for his concern but replies that Yoshiko is his only wife.

Iki, who has decided to return to New York, calls Chisato to thank her for the vase. Chisato asks if she can look him up in New York since her exhibition is over and work has stabilised. Iki welcomes her visit and hangs up the phone.

Iki intends to bring the vase that he has received from Chisato to New York. Naoko, who is packing her father’s baggage, expresses an interest in Chisato’s single status and wonders if she actually has a patron. Iki gets angry at those words and Naoko seems to sense something from her father’s reaction.

Before Iki sets off for New York, he visits the Tokyo office. Satoi tells him that the Ministry of International Trade and Industry has affirmed the partnership between Chiyoda Motors and Fork Corporation with the contribution of foreign capital at 33.3 percent. In addition, Satoi says he intends to personally leave for Detroit to finalise the negotiations with Fork Corporation and tells Iki that he will involve Kakuta, who now heads the Tokyo office.

Several weeks later, Chisato arrives in New York. They have a meal together and then dance. Both Iki and Chisato suppress the difficulty they feel in separating and promise to meet again before parting.

The next day, Iki visits Detroit to take the lead in the negotiations with Fork Corporation. He gains their agreement to lower the investment ratio to 33.4 percent.

At the same moment, Satoi and Kakuta are putting together a different plan from Iki and his men. However, Satoi suddenly suffers an acute pain in his chest.

Iki meets Chisato again as he had promised and they have lunch together at a restaurant in New York. Chisato says she not only wants to visit art museums but also places like Arlington National Cemetery. On this occasion, Chisato raises the subject of her father, who had committed suicide the night before the Tokyo Tribunal of War Criminals, and asks, “Did my father have to commit suicide at that time?” Iki says that he is at a loss for words. Then he tells Chisato that while he had joined the trading company with the thought that he must not err in his life after the army, he has many regrets when he looks back.

Leaving the restaurant, Iki accedes to Chisato’s request to talk for a moment longer and leads her to his apartment. The two of them finally get together.

The next day, Iki’s maid enters Iki’s room and notices the long black hair that has fallen on his bed.

In the midst of this, Satoi and Kakuta arrive in New York. Satoi offers the negotiation documents that has been drawn up to Iki and his men.

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2 Responses to Fumou Chitai – Episode 10 Synopsis

  1. filasian says:

    This is a “must see” episode of Fumo Chitai… very exciting.

  2. peckhiong says:

    I feel very upset that Iki still has the guts to hook up with Chisato after what has happened to Yoshiko. He can choose any other woman but not her coz she is the cause of her death.

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