Yougisha X no Kenshin

Yogisha X

In theatres on 4 October 2008

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The face of the male corpse that was discovered has been destroyed, his fingers burnt. The cause of death: strangulation. His identity is determined to be Togashi Shinji (unemployed). Detective Utsumi Kaoru from Kaizuka Precinct sets out to investigate the case. On the day Kaoru goes to confirm the alibi of Hanaoka Yasuko, Togashi’s estranged wife, she learns that Yasuko’s neighbour is also a graduate from Teito University just like Yukawa. The neibour’s name is Ishigami Tetsuya. He is a high school mathematics teacher. As far as physicist, Yukawa Manabu, is concerned, Ishigami is a real genius. Asked for advice on the case by Kaoru, Yukawa deduces that a genius mind, and therefore the only “friend” whom he has ever had a mutual understood with, is behind it. A genius mathematician who has woven lies, loopholes, psychological warfare, bluffs and a variety of tricks has set up a complicated puzzle to challenge “Tantei Galileo”.

Fukuyama Masaharu as Yukawa Manabu
An Assistant Professor in Physics at Teito University’s Science and Engineering Department. His other name is “Eccentric Galileo”. Yukawa is good looking, has a brilliant mind and is versatile in sports. He looks like a perfect, flawless man. Why he is called eccentric is because he is dispassionate and utterly rational. He doesn’t believe in the occult. He functions on the philosophy that everything surely has a scientifically-proven answer to it. Such a method means that Yukawa will conduct experiments and formulate hypotheses from various angles until he finds the answer. His eccentricity can sometimes be seen through this manner of excessively thorough investigation. He was in the same university cohort as Kusanagi Shunpei. Each time a mystery that shows signs of the occult occurs, Kusanagi and Kusanagi’s junior, Utsumi Kaoru, approach Yukawa for advice and to find the key to cracking the cases. This develops to the extent that they come to him for investigation assistance before him knowing it. Beautiful women are his weakness and he likes instant coffee.

Shibasaki Kou as Utsumi Kaoru
A detective of Kaizuka Kita precinct. She is transferred from the Traffic Division to the Criminal Affairs Division in accordance to her own wishes. Kaoru is the sort who is more emotional than theoretical and full of justice. She respects and admires Kusanagi, who is her senior. Kaoru hears the reason behind the resolution of mysteries that showed signs of the occult from Kusanagi and is introduced to Yukawa. It isn’t possible for the emotional Kaoru and the dispassionate, thoroughly rational Yukawa to get along and they always clash with each other when he helps her in investigations. But, Kaoru gradually begins to grasp the kinds of cases that interest Yukawa and what room she has to maneuver and something like friendship (?) starts to grow between the two of them.

Kitamura Kazuki as Kusanagi Shunpei
A detective with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, the police headquarters. He was in the same university cohort as Yukawa and is also Yukawa’s friend. Kusanagi used to be from Kaizuka Kita precinct. With the support of Yukawa, a large number of mysteries that showed signs of the occult were solved, giving Kusanagi the nickname of “Mystery Hunter” within the precinct. In acknowledgement of his achievements, he was promoted to the Metropolitan Police Department and he introduced Kaoru to Yukawa. Because Kusanagi is good looking all sorts of women like him.

Matsuyuki Yasuko as Hanaoka Yasuko
A suspect in the murder of her ex-husband, Togashi Shinji. Yasuko has been married twice. She had a daughter with her first husband. Six years ago, she met Togashi when she was a hostess at a club in Kinshi-cho and married him. With this marriage, the initially nice Togashi transforms. He doesn’t take a regular job and lives off Yasuko. They separate after two years. Even after their divorce, Togashi tags after her but Yasuko now lives modestly with her daughter, Misato, who attends high school. They reside in Koto district and Yasuko has set up her long-cherished bento shop “Misato” at Nihonbashi Hama-cho.

Tsutsumi Shinichi as Ishigami Tetsuya
A very ordinary mathematics teacher who stays next door to Yasuko. However, he is a graduate of the same university as Yukawa and Kusanagi and is a mathematician whom Yukawa acknowledges as a real genius. When Ishigami was enrolled in the university there were also professors who called him an outstanding talent in 50 years. Ishigami had wished to stay on at the university and become a researcher. However, his parent became bedridden and he ended up reluctantly becoming a mathematics teacher at a high school in order to be the caregiver. His interest is mountain climbing. The reason is because mountain climbing is like mathematics. That is the extent of his absorption in mathematics. At present he continues mathematics research outside of work hours. Ishigami has almost no interest in anything besides mathematics and isn’t very particular about his appearance but …

Duncan as Kudo Kuniaki
A good customer of Yasuko’s during her days as a hostess. Kudo is interested in Yasuko and when he learns that Togashi has been murdered, he visits her at the bento store. He wishes to be with her as long as she doesn’t mind. Kudo runs a printing plant and is a man of integrity.

Watanabe Ikkei as Kuribayashi Hiromi
Yukawa’s assistant at Teito University. Kuribayashi has a desire to succeed but no matter how he writes and writes his thesis, things don’t quite seem to work out for him and he resigns himself to working as Yukawa’s assistant for the rest of his life. Although Kuribayashi worries about Yukawa, who gets preoccupied with research and even uses his seminar students to help him resolve cases that arouse his interest when they are brought to him, he supports Yukawa. He finds Kaoru, who visits Yukawa’s laboratory whenever the opportunity presents itself, a disagreeable person.

Shinagawa Hiroshi as Yuge Shiro
A detective of Kaizuka Kita precinct. Yuge is Kaoru’s senior and has worked together with her in many investigations. He seems brashly self-confident but is actually vulnerable. Yuge feels somewhat outdone by Kaoru, who has the assistance of Yukawa. He’s a lovable character in some respect.

Maya Miki as Jonouchi Sakurako
A beautiful medical coroner who works at the hospital affiliated to the university. Sakurako conducts most of the autopsies for cases that occur in Kaizuka Kita precinct. No matter what state the condition of the bodies are in, she is calm and collected. Sakurako comes to know that Yukawa has been behind the resolution of difficult cases that Kusanagi and Kaoru have worked on. As a person who understands Kaoru well, she sometimes lends her a listening ear. Because she likes handsome men, she is vaguely attracted to Yukawa.

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