TBS Drama Specials 2008 (Fourth Quarter)

Rookies SP
Date: From 6.30 p.m., 4 October 2008
Cast: Sato Ryuta, Ichihara Hayato, Koide Keisuke, Shirota Yu, Nakao Akiyoshi, Takaoka Sousuke
Synopsis: –
Website: www.tbs.co.jp/rookies08

Date: From 11.54 p.m., 6 October 2008
Cast: Kato Rosa, Katsuji Ryo, Yuki Jutta, Akiko, Matsumoto Totasu, Ogura Hisahiro
Synopsis: Minami Sakura (Kato Rosa), a typical OL, was brought up by her father. She endures when she’s lonely and lives her life conscious of adults. Unable to articulate her true feelings, Sakura’s only conversation partner is the imaginary “Chakra-kun”. When she isn’t able to put on a brave front or when she wants someone to talk to, she picks up the receiver and has the non-exisent Chakra-kun listen to what she has to say. Even though her boyfriend Shusaku (Yuki Jutta) has countless flings with other women, Sakura tolerates it but at one point, she receives an email from “Chakra-kun” who shouldn’t actually exist …
Website: www.tbs.co.jp/koiuta-drama/one_plot.html

Genki o Dashite
Date: From 12.19 a.m., 7 October 2008
Cast: Ito Misaki, Segawa Ryo, Maeda Ken, Matsumoto Totasu
Synopsis: Nomura Tamiko (Ito Misaki) is an editor of a popular female magazine but she becomes the person in charge of a health magazine targeted at older people as a result of a personnel reshuffle and is sorely depressed. Of all things for a person always sashaying around dressed in slick suits and admired by her juniors … … Tamiko lives with not just her outward appearance but also her heart armed with obstinacy. It is a big blow for that reason alone. Wanting to immediately get away from being the person in charge of the health magazine, Tamiko, who works on a proposal for a new magazine all through the night, has a certain encounter …
Website: www.tbs.co.jp/koiuta-drama/two_plot.html

Junai Rhapsody
Date: From 11.54 p.m., 8 October 2008
Cast: Zaizen Naomi, Satonaka Hayato, Matsumoto Totasu, Owada Shinya, Shimizu Misa
Synopsis: When did love disppear …? Mari (Zaizen Naomi), one of the ara-four (around 40) generation is singing karaoke alone to relieve stress. She meets a refreshing young man almost twenty years younger than her and feels a long-forgotten throbbing sensation in her chest …
Website: www.tbs.co.jp/koiuta-drama/thr_plot.html

Arugamama no Kimi de ite
Date: From 9.00 p.m., 24 November 2008
Cast: Sakai Masato, Yakushimaru Hiroko, Toda Naho, Uno Narumi, Yoshikawa Fumiki
Synopsis: Enomoto Yasushi (Sakai Masato), who lost his wife to illness not long after their marriage, and Yuka (Yakushimaru Hiroko), whose husband died in a traffic accident almost 10 years ago, have a fateful encounter, fall in love with each other and get married. Yuka has two children, Kaori and Yosuke. A picture of happiness, the family has a new house built to begin their new life together but they lose their house to an outbreak of fire due to Yuka’s negligence. No one in the family suffered serious injuries and they enjoy a brief respite. However, Yasushi becomes flustered when Yuka undergoes an unexpectedly drastic change because of dissociative amnesia. She completely loses her memory, forgets the faces of her husband and children and cannot recall her name and who she is.
Website: www.tbs.co.jp/arugamama2008

Ano Sensou wa Nandatta no ka
Date: From 6.55 p.m., 24 December 2008
Cast: Beat Takeshi, Abe Hiroshi, Takahashi Katsunori, Hashizume Isao, Yamaguchi Yuichiro, Kazama Morio, Ibu Masato, Takahashi Katsumi, Hirano Tadahiko, Masuoka Toru, Osugi Ren, Hirazumi Sei, Meguro Yuki, Musaka Naomasa, Kurosawa Toshio, Kimura Yuichi, Dan Rei, Nomura Mansai
Synopsis: Tojo Hideki (Beat Takeshi) was the Prime Minister when war broke out between Japan and the United States in 1941. This documentary drama depicts the government at the time, the conflict, indecision and troubles of the military leaders.
Website: www.tbs.co.jp/anosensou2008

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