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As part of workplace reforms at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, the three mobile investigative units under the Criminal Investigations Department are expanded to four. Detective Shima Kazumi is called in to be a member of the newly established Mobile Investigative Unit 4 which is meant to help various divisions such as the First Investigative Division. However, it is difficult to find a partner for him due to a personnel issue that has given him a poor reputation. There is no choice but to summon Ibuki Ai, a police officer at the Okutama police box who was initially eliminated as a candidate, and the two of them are ordered by Kikyo Yuzuru, the head of Mobile Investigative Unit 4 to team up. Shima is the type who trusts no one and grows uneasy about Ibuki. He gathers information about Ibuki. Besides Ibuki’s reputation for being fleet-footed, former colleagues are cagey, saying “I don’t want to talk about him” and “I never want to see him again”. The more Shima checks up, the more perturbed he gets. The first day of duty for Mobile Investigative Unit 4 finally arrives. Shima forms a good impression of Ibuki who is surprisingly courteous when they meet for first time. However, Shima gets the fright of his life when Ibuki finds someone driving recklessly while they are on patrol. Then the case develops in an unexpected direction. During their 24-hour duty, cases occur one after another.

Ayano Go as Ibuki Ai
A member of the Criminal Investigation Department’s Mobile Investigative Unit 4. He is athletic and has excellent reflexes. Despite his good sense of smell, it is not clear if what he detects is foul odour or the atmosphere. He moved around to many departments in a short span of time and has been working at the Okutama police box for close to eight years. At first, he believes that being in the Mobile Investigative Unit is his calling even though he is totally clueless. However, he is dangerous when Shima Kazumi is not around as he acts before he thinks.

Hoshino Gen as Shima Kazumi
A member of the Criminal Investigation Department’s Mobile Investigative Unit 4. He used to be in the First Investigative Division but was transferred due to some situation. He was with a police precinct after spending time at a driving licence centre before he was called back by Kikyo Yuzuru as soon as Mobile Investigative Unit 4 was established. He is trusted by her and Jinba Kohei who both have experience in the unit but he has no faith in himself or other people. He is skilled at observing and interacting with people and constantly tries to anticipate and find out the logic but is at the mercy of Ibuki Ai.

Okada Kenshi as Kokonoe Yohito
A rookie member of the Criminal Investigation Department’s Mobile Investigative Unit 4. His father was the head of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s Criminal Investigation Bureau and he is a career police officer himself. The reason why he was assigned to the Mobile Investigative Unit 4 is not known. He has a tendency to be condescending because he believes that he has done a good job in everything so far. However, he has an unexpectedly cute side too. He learns all sorts of things through his interactions with the unit’s members.

Hashimoto Jun as Jinba Kohei
A member of the Criminal Investigation Department’s Mobile Investigative Unit 4, he is a veteran who is the strongest physically but has been feeling his age more and more in recent days. He was summoned to Mobile Investigative Unit 1 at the time Kikyo Yuzuru was appointed its leader. Then he transferred to Mobile Investigative Unit 4 when it was set up and became a team leader. He and Shima Kazumi were colleagues at one point. Young people tend to detest him because they have to go out for drinks with him after work.

Aso Kumiko as Kikyo Yuzuru
The leader of the Criminal Investigation Department’s Mobile Investigative Units 1 and 4. She was appointed to be the first female to head Mobile Investigative Unit 1 by the police chief. She and Jinba Kohei are old friends and she used to be in the same unit as Shima Kazumi back in the days when they were in the First Investigative Division. She drew up the four-unit system, established Mobile Investigative Unit 4 and became its leader to take responsibility. Although she says a lot of offensive things, she is broad-minded. She is a realist who detests the belief “where there’s a will, there’s a way”.

Namase Katsuhisa as Abiko Tojo
The head of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s Criminal Investigations Department. He and Kikyo Yuzuru had a dispute back when he led the Organised Crime Department and their dislike is mutual. But they keep each other in check while making use of each other. He believes there are many ways of upholding justice to protect the organisation.

Nogi Akiko (Kotaki Kyoudai to Shikuhakku, Unnatural, Juhan Shuttai)

Tsukahara Ayuko, Takemura Kentaro, Kato Naoki

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