Jigoku no Girlfriend

Jigoku Girlfriend

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From 25 October 2019 (updated every Friday)

Fuji on Demand

31-year-old Shimada Kana is a divorced single mother and web writer. Shudo Yuri is a serious office lady with a past while 36-year old Deguchi Nao is a very popular and beautiful jewellery designer. The only things that interest Nao are handsome guys, delicious food and cute things. She has a spacious house that is overflowing with garbage that she is completely incapable of cleaning up. Her business partner Shikatani cannot stand to see this and proposes that she let out rooms cheaply on condition that her tenants do the cleaning. Kana and Yuri both have their own reasons for wanting to move in and come for interviews. Nao tells them to do what they want since they will not become friends and immediately decides to let them move in. The three of them who have totally different personalities, jobs and status, start sharing an apartment. There is only one thing that they have in common – they have no friends. At first, Nao, Kana and Yuri reject intrusions on their personal lives. But once they start living together, they cannot stop talking. As they start to speak from the heart, they get on terms where they can voice the feelings and troubles that they have never been able to tell anyone. Is it hell that awaits them, or … …?

Kato Rosa as Shimada Kana
A single mother who is a web writer. After her divorce, she moves into Deguchi Nao’s apartment with her son in tow to ensure he remains in the same nursery school.

Sakurai Yuki as Deguchi Nao
A homeowner and jewellery designer. She hates cleaning and washing. Since her house becomes a garbage dump when she lives alone, she places a flyer calling for roommates on the ward office’s bulletin board. Although she is very popular, she recently had her boyfriend stolen from her by a younger woman.

Takeda Rina as Shudo Yuri
An office lady who is unattached. The apartment that she had been living in for six years is slated for demolition and she moves into Deguchi Nao’s place. Her first boyfriend was a married man. She has not had another boyfriend since she broke up with him seven years ago.

Kurosawa Hisako (Otto no Chinpo ga Hairanai, Minshuu no Teki, Arechi no Koi)

Original Work
Jigoku no Girlfriend by Torikai Akane

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