G Senjou no Anata to Watashi

G Senjou

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From 10.00 p.m., Tuesdays, 15 October 2019


Kogure Yaeko is about to resign from her company to get married when her fiance Murano Satoshi tells her that there is someone else that he likes and breaks off their engagement. A teary Yaeko staggers to a shopping mall in a daze. At the mall, she happens to hear a live performance of Bach’s Air on G String. Moved by the piece, she begins to take violin lessons for adults at Namiki Music in the hopes of being able to play it. A university student Kase Rihito and housewife Kitagawa Yukie are in the same class as Yaeko. Both interpersonal relationships and the violin prove difficult for the three of them to deal with but friendship and love gradually grows between them.

Haru as Kogure Yaeko
A former office lady whose engagement was broken very close to her resignation from her company to get married. She lost both her job and her fiance and delights in going for violin classes every day. She lives with her parents. She is cheerful, hardworking and considerate. She becomes immersed in the violin which heals her heartbreak and she attempts to start finding a marriage partner. However, she is not very enthusiastic about it. She is gradually drawn to Kase Rihito, a university student in the same violin class, but does not quite realise that this is love … …

Nakagawa Taishi as Kase Rihito
A university student who is learning the violin with Kogure Yaeko. He is in love with Kazumi Mao, their violin teacher who was also his brother Yuto’s ex-fiancee. He liked her from the first time they met, but he was not able to tell her his feelings. After her breakup with his brother, he meets her again by chance. His feelings grow stronger and he ends up attending her violin classes. He is a little surly but impossible to hate. He is awkward when it comes to romance.

Sakurai Yuki as Kazumi Mao
A teacher at the violin class that Kogure Yaeko, Kase Rihito and Kitagawa Yukie attend. She was the fiancee of Rihito’s older brother Yuto. She is beautiful and graceful, and seems very popular with guys. While she is aware of Rihito’s feelings, she does not attempt to touch on it.

Matsushita Yuki as Kitagawa Yukie
An ordinary housewife who is learning the violin with Kogure Yaeko. She is facing problems with her mother-in-law. Her daughter who is a fifth grade elementary school student understands her well. Her greatest pleasure and relaxation is to go for violin classes. Her mother-in-law does not have a good opinion of this but she tries her best to get along with her. She is level-headed, mature and able to see the big picture.

Suzuki Nobuyuki as Kase Yuto
Kase Rihito’s older brother. He had been dating Kazumi Mao but broke off their engagement. Right after that, he got married to another woman and fathered a child. He is kind and popular with women, but he does not consider the details because he is simple-minded, and his coarse behaviour sticks out. He is the polar opposite to his Rihito who is inept in romance.

Ogi Hiroaki as Kitagawa Hiroaki
Kitagawa Yukie’s husband. She found out that he was having an affair and in apology for that, he agreed to let her take violin classes. Even though he is concerned about the problems between his wife and his mother, he does not attempt to get too involved in it.

Adachi Naoko (Kinou Nani Tabeta?, Toumeina Yurikago, Dainbinbo)

Original Work
G Senjou no Anata to Watashi by Ikuemi Aya

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