TV Asahi Drama Special 2019 ~ Jinrui Gakusha Misaki Kumiko no Satsujin Kantei

Date: From 8.00 p.m., 27 July 2019
Scriptwriters: Manabe Chiaki (Shitsuji Saionji no Meisuiri Series, Kasouken no Onna Seasons 15 – 18, Iryu Sousa Seasons 4 – 5), Ito Yoko (Onnatachi no Tokusou Saizensen, Keiji 7-nin Seasons 1 – 2)
Cast: Otsuka Nene, Totsugi Shigeyuki, Shibue Joji, Kanai Yuta, Kurokawa Mei, Yuge Tomohisa, Anami Atsuko, Minemura Rie, Yamaguchi Shota, Fukami Sansho, Kimura Midoriko, Watanabe Ikkei
Synopsis: Misaki Kumiko (Otsuka Nene) is an anthropologist who specialises in researching human bones. One night, she receives a phone call from a man who summons her to a construction site because he wants some bones examined. However, by the time Kumiko goes to their meeting place, she discovers a blood-soaked dead man hugging a rucksack. She also sees the shadow of a person hurriedly leaving the scene. Kumiko’s childhood friend Nikaido Tatsuya (Totsugi Shigeyuki), who is a detective of the First Investigation Division, investigates and identifies the dead man as Miyabe Yasuaki (Fukami Sansho), an employee of a cleaning company. Human bones are found inside the rucksack that he had been holding. Was Miyabe the man who called Kumiko and did Kumiko’s arrival at the scene thwart the murderer who had attacked the victim to seize the bones? Kumiko begins to examine the bones that Miyabe had protected with his life. She learns that it belongs to a man in his late 20s. But she is unable to determine the cause of death which could have been from asphyxiation due to strangulation or suicide. She also finds out that this man shattered his shoulder more than 10 years ago and had a prosthetic implant. The construction site where the case occurred is a plot planned for the elementary school of the prestigious private educational institution Aoshima Gakuen. The late Miyabe had spoken the mysterious words “Weren’t you the one who killed him?” to Aoshima Gakuen’s Aoshima chairwoman Towako (Kimura Midoriko) on the day the incident. Furthermore, Towako’s only son Hikaru (Kanai Yuta) is currently missing and it is learnt that he had prosthetic treatment after a compound fracture. Towako claims that her son is living in the US but … … Are the bones that Kumiko is examining Hikaru’s? If Miyabe’s words are true, this means mother killed son. Kumiko is at a loss. Hikaru’s former classmate Tachibana Kaori (Kurokawa Mei) who is now a teacher comes to say something.
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