Final Life ~ Asu, Kimi ga Kietemo

Final Life

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From 8 September 2017 (updated on Fridays)

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Two men who have gone through completely different circumstances in life and were not supposed to meet like this, encounter each other and begin to solve a series of difficult cases as a team in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s secret Special Unit. Kawakubo Ryo suffered from poverty due to his mother’s neglect. He has a secret which he has never told anyone. 20 years ago, he buried his younger brother with his own hands after letting him grow weak and die from their mother’s neglect. The young ace of the unit, Ryo searches for his mother who has disappeared while pursuing deadly cases which are physically dangerous every day. Son Shion has also had a past that is beyond imagination. He was born into a wealthy family and graduated at the top of his class at America’s best medical school. Shion had been leading a happy life with his girlfriend when he was subjected to a terrifying experiment on his brain by a mysterious professor under the guise of a clinical trial at the medical school which he attends. As a result, he ended up losing all his memories. Even those of Ayatsuji Kana, the Japanese woman he loves. After Aya returns to Japan, she gets involved in a street crime and is saved by Ryo. Now the strange destiny linking the three of them is quietly set in motion. Little do Ryo and Shion know that a bitter fate and love awaits them … … One day, Ryo and his colleague Kuroki are summoned to a heliport. Just as they are wondering why, a helicopter lands right in front of them all of a sudden and a mysterious man with the name Son Shion gets out. They are given the mission of transferring Shion safely to the police headquarters. And so, Ryo and Kuroki pack him into a car and drive to Tokyo. However, a vicious incident seemingly inconceivable in Japan occurs while they are in middle of doing so. Shion is targeted and bullets suddenly rain on him. In fact, the unit has been given a mysterious special mission. “Use Shion for investigations but guarantee his safety”. Meanwhile, an explosion occurs at factory in the metropolis and the members of the unit Honda Kenichi, Asada Takuto and Kano Risa begin investigating.

* Matsuda Shota as Kawakubo Ryo
* Taemin as Son Shion
* Takimoto Miori as Ayatsuji Kana
* Totsugi Shigeyuki as Asada Takuto
* Nonami Maho as Kano Risa
* Aikawa Sho as Honda Kenichi
* Moriguchi Yoko as Kawakubo Ryo’s mother
* Okuda Eiji as Kuroki

Kawashima Sumino (Isan Sozoku Bengoshi Kakizaki Shinichi, Mane no Tenshi)
Oura Kota (Plage, Heat, Shomuni 2013)
Taniguchi Junichiro (Hanzai Shokogun Series, Honjitsu wa Ohigara Yoku)
Hisamatsu Shinichi (Kinpika, Themis no Kyuukei)

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