Gomen, Aishiteru


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From 9.00 p.m., Sundays, 9 July 2017


Okazaki Ritsu was abandoned by his mother when he was a child and lived on the margins of society. The underworld is the only place where he belongs. Life is depressing. One day, in a strange turn of events, Ritsu helps Mita Rinka after her bag is snatched on the street. This is an encounter that will change both their destinies. Then one day, Ritsu gets caught up in a conflict between rival gangs and suffers a fatal head injury. No one knows if he will be able to live for long. Wanting to be filial to his mother in his last moments, Ritsu starts searching for her. He finds Hyuga Reiko with the information he has obtained. However, he sees the mother whom he believed had given him up because of poverty, dote on her son Satoru. He is taken aback by their wealthy and happy lives, and struggles with conflicting feelings of yearning and loathing. Then Ritsu meets Rinka again. Rinka has had feelings for her childhood friend Satoru but it is not reciprocated while Ritsu seeks love because he has never been loved by anyone before. Rinka is gradually drawn to him as his loneliness and warmth touch her. Satoru has received all his mother’s love and lives without a care, not knowing Ritsu’s anguish. And Reiko dotes on Satoru without realising that her son is by her side. Now their lives intersect.

Nagase Tomoya as Okazaki Ritsu
He was abandoned by his mother when young and lived in unfortunate conditions. Although he is hot-blooded and quick-tempered, he is a person with warmth. He gets tangled up in an incident and sustains a critical brain injury where he could lose his life anytime. He wants to be good to his mother in his last moments and searches for Hyuga Reiko, his biological mother. In the midst of this, he encounters Mita Rinka who becomes the woman of his destiny.

Yoshioka Riho as Mita Rinka
Hyuga Satoru’s stylist. She is pure and a loving person who would sacrifice herself for others. She has feelings for her childhood friend Hyuga Satoru. Then she meets Okazaki Ritsu. She feels his loneliness and gets drawn to him.

Sakaguchi Kentaro as Hyuga Satoru
An idol pianist who has gained world recognition. He was raised with all his mother’s love. He is emotionally dependent like an innocent child and demands love. He does not realise Mita Rinka’s feelings and is in love with the saxophonist Furusawa Toko.

Ikewaki Chizuru as Kawai Wakana
She and Okazaki Ritsu grew up in the orphanage like siblings. She met with an accident because of her sorrow following her separation from him at an early age, and was diagnosed with higher brain dysfunction. She has the intelligence of a 7-year-old child. She is a person with a big heart who has no hate and resentment.

Otake Shinobu as Hyuga Reiko
Hyuga Satoru’s mother. She was a top pianist but this path was because of a bitter experience in the past. As a result, she is very suspicious of other people and twists those around her. She now showers all her love on her son.
Rokkaku Seiji as Kagami Shuhei
A freelance journalist who holds a grudge against Hyuga Reiko and gets close to Okazaki Ritsu with his sights set on a scandal.

Nakamura Baijaku as Mita Tsuneo
Mita Rinka’s father. He has served as Hyuga Reiko’s manager for a long time. He worships her and is willing to dirty his hands to protect her.

Asano Taeko (Dakara Kouya, Utsukushiki Wana, Ten no Hakobune)

Original Work
I’m Sorry, I Love You by Lee Kyung-Hee

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