Nou ni Sumaho ga Umerareta!


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From 11.59 p.m., Thursdays, 6 July 2017


34-year-old divorcee Orimo Keita is a candidate for retrenchment at the apparel company where he works and he is pressed to voluntarily resign. However, Keita does not want to quit because of his 9-year-old daughter’s child support. He is at the lowest point in his life. Then one day, Keita’s brain suddenly seems to become like a smartphone as he heads to work. His field of vision is like a smartphone screen, and panics to see the smartphone messages which complete strangers are sending and receiving. This also means he has gained the ability to learns secrets that usually cannot be seen. As a user of a traditional cell phone, Keita has practically no smartphone knowledge and does not know what to make of this. He inevitably begins to get tangled up in trouble within and outside his company that does not concern him, but uses his new ability for good and helps people as a result. However, his colleague Ishino Ryuko, a fashion designer, finds out his secret and the situation gets even more chaotic.

Ito Atsushi as Orimo Keita
A salaryman who works for an apparel company’s general affairs section. He is earnest and good-natured, and often forced by the people around him to do miscellaneous things because he seems a pushover. That is also why he has been made a candidate for retrenchment and he panics. He is divorced and has a 9-year-old daughter Aika. He has difficulty paying child support while living in a shared house.

Shinkawa Yua as Ishino Ryuko
A fashion designer at the apparel company. A contract employee. She realises that Orimo Keita has become a smartphone man and gets close to him in an attempt to make use of him. She is knowledgeable about smartphones and teaches Keita how to use the smartphone in his brain.

Ando Natsu as Yasuda Bubuka
A fashion designer at the apparel company. A contract employee. She is one of the few people whom Ishino Ryuko trusts. She is well-informed and knowledgeable about all sorts of things.

Kishitani Goro as Kurobe Jin
The president of the apparel company. He turned it into a big company in one generation.

Suzuki Osamu

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