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From 26 June 2017 (updated on Mondays)

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20-year-old Akama Anri is an ordinary university student. One day, she gets kicked out of the house by her mother who has found a new lover, and is even forsaken by her boyfriend. With no one to turn to, Anri spends her days moving from one internet cafe to another while attending university. The money she had borrowed from home has also been used up and she does not know what to do. At this point, she hears about the existence of papakatsu from a friend. It refers to non-sexual relationships with men who go out on dates and provide financial assistance. At first, Anri is negative to the idea but reluctantly registers on a papakatsu website in order to earn a living. This is how she meets 45-year-old Kuriyama Wataru, who exudes an air of loneliness, at a hotel lobby and gets to stay in his apartment instead of yet another internet cafe. A relieved Anri sleeps soundly for the first time in days. But the next morning, she meets Wataru again in an unexpected way and comes face-to-face with the truth surrounding him which he had concealed. He is her university lecturer … …

* Watabe Atsuro as Kuriyama Wataru
* Iitoyo Marie as Akama Anri
* Kentaro as Kakizawa Minoru
* Kirishima Reika as Kuriyama Natsumi
* Hashimoto Satoshi as Irie Yoshiki

Nojima Shinji (Our House, Platonic, Gold)

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