Sauce-san no Koi


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From 11.00 p.m., Thursdays, 1 June 2017

NHK BS Premium

19-year-old Uno Masanao came to Tokyo from Yamanashi Prefecture with dreams of becoming an artist. A first-year student of an art university, he works part-time at a convenience store as he hones his skills. Every night at 8.00 pm, a mysterious, beautiful older woman Gota Mika routinely comes to this convenience store and only to buy sauce. Masanao is mesmerised by her and takes to calling her Sauce-san deep down inside. Another part-timer Yasumoto Fumiya also seems to be interested in her. One day, Mika rushes into the convenience store when chased by a molester. Mika and Masanao form a connection after he offers to send her home and they eventually go on to date. Kind Masanao and emotionally scarred Mika. They overcome their 10-year age gap and it is believed that their pure love will go smoothly. However, Mika’s trauma as a result of her tragic past rears its head at this point. As her past is gradually revealed, it offers glimpses of the unexpected truth and the love between Mika and Masanao flares up … …

Mimura as Gota Mika/Sauce-san
A mysterious woman who goes to the convenience store to buy sauce at 8.00 pm for some reason. She goes to a hospital for regular treatment because a part of her memories from 4 years ago are missing. But there is a big change in her life after she meets Uno Masanao. Her parents have already passed away and she lives alone. She now does desk work at a design company through the generosity of the Yoshidas. Four years ago, she was a keyboardist in a band.

Chiba Yudai as Uno Masanao
A first-year arts student in oil painting, he is studying to become a painter. He has been working part-time at a convenience store. He hails from Yamanashi Prefecture and his family is a sake dealer. He is pursuing painting with the encouragement of a woman whom he met at the age of 14. Despite pushing ahead towards his goal, he comes up against a wall and worries about his future.

Iwasaki Hiromi as Yoshida Asako
The vice president of a design company. Yoshida Kosaku’s wife. A good friend of the late Shinichi. She has been following Mika, who has lost her memories of Shinichi, around personally and professionally after Shinichi died. She was the band’s bass guitarist.

Abe Shinnosuke as Yoshida Kosaku
The president of a design company. Gota Mika’s boss and a friend of the late Shinichi. He was the band’s drummer.

Hagiwara Minori as Sasaki Yuki
Uno Masanao’s classmate at the art university. She wants to be an artist too and has unrequited feelings for Masanao.

Matsuda Satoshi as Shiratori Shinji
The second son of the owner of Shiratori Clinic and the clinic’s office manager. His father is Gota Mika’s physician. He has a twisted love for Mika. He was the band’s second guitarist.

Tanaka Hiromi (Onna Michi)
Kanda Yu (Loveho no Ueno-san, Good Morning Call)

Original Work
Kimi to Sauce to Boku no Koi by Honda Harumi

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