TV Tokyo Drama Special 2016 ~ Jishu

Date: From 9.00 p.m., 14 September 2016
Scriptwriter: Kawashima Sumino (Mane no Tenshi, Binta!)
Original Work: Jishu by Kosugi Kenji
Cast: Terawaki Yasufumi, Shimada Kyusaku, Sudo Risa, Nishimura Kazuhiko, Aijima Kazuyuki, Beat Kiyoshi, Tsukayama Masane, Yamamoto Gaku, Takaoka Saki, Takuma Takayuki
Synopsis: The parents (Yamamoto Gaku) of the murdered Okabayashi Nozomi (Kubo Haruka) are looking for eyewitnesses by handing out leaflets at Ueno station. 15 years have passed since her murder. The investigators in charge have retired and there has been no progress in the investigation. Sawaki Masao (Terawaki Yasufumi), a prosecutor from the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor’s Office who came across the scene, catches sight of Kajikawa Taro (Takuma Takayuki), the man whose face he has been obsessing with. It seems that Kajikawa had come forward to identify himself as the murderer to Nozomi’s parents. He is taken in by the police and confesses to have had feelings for her, but he killed her out of resentment because she refused to go out with him. He is also able to explain the crime scene condition which is something only the murderer knows. The investigation team gets all excited about solving the case. However, Sawaki has misgivings about Kajikawa who speaks about the circumstances of the past with ease … … During the investigation, he learns that Nozomi’s friend Hirokawa Mitsuko (Sudo Risa) has hired Tokudaiji Itsuro (Aijima Kazuyuki) to be Kajikawa’s lawyer. Why is the victim’s friend handling the murderer’s defence? In response to Sawaki’s question, Mitsuko says that she wants to know the reasons why Nozomi had to die in detail. However, Tokudaiji who was supposed to get information from Kajikawa is killed by someone. Meanwhile, Sakura Shinsuke (Shimizu Shin) is found dead just after his release from prison. The police obtain a statement that he had got into a car with someone who seems to be a friend, but this is not a strong lead. Nozomi, Minami Aya (Takaoka Saki), Mitsuko and the criminal Kajikawa. What exactly happened 15 years ago? What is Kajikawa’s true motive for turning himself in?
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