Uchuu no Shigoto


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From 8 September 2016

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Aliens who have learnt about the earth’s rich environment attempt an invasion. One day, five ordinary men and women – salaryman Saneyoshi; Miyoshi, a student preparing for his entrance exam; bandman Luccheni; physical education teacher Ushiyama; and Shinko, a middle-aged woman who likes Exile – are suddenly chosen to be the earth defence force. Their mission is to hold back the alien invasion with the space pit that was built in a month. With no unity and no sense of responsibility, how will they be able to protect the earth as its defence force? All of them have one thing in common. They practically lack motivation. On top of that, they favour life on earth. Their method is also crude. They are to use persuasion to get the aliens to return to their own planet. And if that fails, they will use their secret weapon. They are the only five in Japan with a low wave of odour which the aliens hate. A parole alien appears. Its planet has been overcome by a virus and it has come in search of a planet that it can move to. The life force of the parole alien is very weak. It only has a life span of one week. Earthlings are obviously stronger, so the parole alien gives up and goes back to its home. The alien this time was weak, but anxiety grows about the arrival of a strong one. Just as everyone is about to pull out from the defence force, Kaori shows up from a warp capsule. The attitude of the men completely change now that they have a beautiful new member and the defence force continues. As they chase off various approaching aliens, friendships grow and fade between these six disconnected members.

* Muro Tsuyoshi as Saneyoshi
* Suda Masaki as Mishima
* Kaku Kento as Luccheni
* Nishino Nanase as Kaori
* Iketani Nobue as Shinko
* Hashimoto Jun as Ushiyama

Fukuda Yuichi (Yuusha Yoshihiko Series)

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