TV Asahi Drama Special 2016 ~ Fukuda Kazuko Seikei Toubou 15-nen


Date: From 7.00 p.m., 17 March 2016
Scriptwriter: Yamaura Masahiro (Umi ni Furu, Roosevelt Game, Hard Nuts)
Original Work: Fukuda Kazuko Jiken by Oshita Eiji
Cast: Terajima Shinobu, Matsuoka Mayu, Yasuda Ken, Takito Kenichi, Kimura Midoriko, Nakamura Tomoya, Mashima Hidekazu, Sugimoto Tetta, Kimura Yoshino
Synopsis: Kisaragi Natsuki (Matsuoka Mayu), a new employee of a major publishing company, has been assigned to the editorial department of the weekly magazine Shukan Forum. She is ordered by the chief editor Katsuya Shinji (Yasuda Ken) to gather information for a project called “Female Crime Mystery ~ Fukuda Kazuko”. It is a subject that is of the least interest to Natsuki, who had wished to be assigned to a fashion magazine. However, the sensational words “diabolical woman” “cosmetic surgery” “15 years on the run” that paint the exceptional criminal Fukuda Kazuko inspires her and she immediately sets out on a journey to trace Kazuko … … The case began in Matsuyama in Ehime Prefecture. In 1982, 34-year-old Fukuda Kazuko (Terajima Shinobu) worked as a hostess at an exclusive Matsuyama club. She stands out for her hearty, unpretentious and friendly service in a relaxed atmosphere where well-dressed customers drink quietly. Although she is not the greatest beauty, Kazuko possesses charm and unique formidability and flirts with customers without regard for the other hostesses. However, the free-spirited Kazuko has a rival whom she is no match for. The club’s number one hostess. The beautiful Takayama Yoshie (Kimura Yoshino) who attracts the attention of customers. Kazuko simply cannot tear her eyes from Yoshie who gets constant requests and receives expensive presents from customers. Once she returns home, Kazuko is a mere housewife with a husband Shunji (Takito Kenichi) and their four children. She gets along well with him and has built a happy family. But at the same time, she has several lovers. Kazuko has borrowed large amounts from illegal moneylenders without her husband’s knowledge because of a loan for the house in addition to the money she comes up with for secret liaisons with her lovers. She gets deeper and deeper in debt. One day, Kazuko goes to visit Yoshie at her stylish apartment. The furniture and furnishings are all luxurious and the place is full of presents from customers. Kazuko makes up a suitable lie and asks Yoshie for money. However, Yoshie says she needs funds too to set up her own shop and rejects Kazuko’s request. In apology, she offers Kazuko alcohol and gets drunk and defenceless. Looking at the furniture and furnishings, Kazuko gives into temptation. She grabs a string for a kimono sash that is within reach, wraps it around Yoshie’s neck and strangles her. Then she makes Shunji help to carry out and dump the dead body in the mountains. Kazuko asks a relative to withdraw all the money from Yoshie’s bank account and even manages to bring the furniture and furnishings to her love nest with her lover Igarashi Tadashi (Mashima Hidekazu). However, five days after Yoshie was killed, Kazuko gets a phone call at home from someone who seems to be the police. She pretends to be out using a child’s voice. That night, she lies to her husband that she is going to meet a relative and vanishes from Ehime Prefecture. This is the start of Kazuko’s 14 years and 340 days of life on the run.
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