TV Tokyo Drama Special 2016 ~ Hatsukoi Triangle ~ Ano Ko wa Nande Nippon ni?


Date: From 9.11 a.m., 11 February 2016
Cast: Kinami Haruka, Miura Takahiro, Taylor, Wakatsuki Yumi, Irie Masato, Roma Toniolo, Nukumizu Yoichi, Muramatsu Toshifumi, Mouton Ito, Nakagawa Haruki
Synopsis: Aya (Kinami Haruka) and Ryo (Miura Takahiro) are directors of the popular TV variety programme “Why Did You Come to Japan?” which covers interesting foreigners at Narita Airport. Aya is Ryo’s junior and immediately took the plunge into the TV industry after graduating from university. She started dating Ryo in the second year she joined the company. They have been going out for four years now and she hopes to get married to him someday. But their relationship has been kept secret from the programme staff. She does not know much about Ryo’s first love besides that fact that he has not had a girlfriend the whole time because he cannot get over this person and she wonders if it is the reason why he is ambivalent about marriage. Both Ryo and Aya are supposed to be on location at Narita Airport. However, Ryo suffered a bone fracture one week ago and ends up temporarily serving as the editing director who puts together the footage that everyone has taken on location. One day, Ryo goes to the editing office and gets a shock when he sees an interview that the other staff covered. The beautiful foreigner on the screen is none other than his first love, Lily (Taylor)! Furthermore, the director who has gone to the location, is his own girlfriend Aya. What is more surprising is Lily’s objective for coming to Japan. She says she is here to look for her first love and wants to bring him back to America. Aya finds this interesting and asks if they can follow her. Lily readily agrees. Ryo and Lily met 10 years ago when she was in Japan for a two-year exchange programme. When it ended, he agonised if he should follow her. But he was unceremoniously dumped and got a TV job while in the depths of despair. He found himself attracted to Aya who is precisely the opposite of Lily, and they started dating. Ryo watches this complicated and strange situation of his girlfriend and first love on footage and starts to edit it, but … …
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