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From 11.15 p.m., Tuesdays, 3 November 2015

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29-year-old Toyoshima Anne is a single, young and very ambitious team leader of Horizon, a large online mail order company which boasts a selection of more than 100 million merchandise. She plans a novel wedding service with the intention of success and a promotion. 38-year-old Harada Miki has always been kindly supporting the sales people as a clerical staff ever since she joined the company. She is preparing for her marriage to a colleague from the sales department, Sano Yoshiharu, whom she has been dating for 10 years and agrees to be the model for the commercial of Anne’s project. The maverick Anne and reserved Miki seem to be complete opposites, but both of them have yet to meet the men that their hearts desire. While they provide a service that enables any merchandise to be obtained with one click of the mouse, they cannot achieve the personal happiness of romance and marriage that they have been taking for granted. Anne has a reason for not being able to disclose things about Murai Naoto, the boyfriend she is dating to the people around her. Miki, whose life goal is marriage, suddenly gets dumped by Sano one day. Anne gets into unexpected trouble as a result. She shakes Miki off and chases Sano to the lobby in anger as a man watches her intently. Furthermore, Anne will be asked to leave the company if she does not make the new project a success within two months. Will Anne and Miki be able to carry through the project and win true love at last?

Aibu Saki as Toyoshima Anne
A 29-year-old employee of Horizon who gets fired up about her planning and development work. Although she has been openly saying “Work over romance”, “I’ll marry the perfect man by 35” on a regular basis, she is actually dating the temporary employee Murai Naoto. This is exposed by Harada Miki. Furthermore, Kusakabe Hitoshi who treats Anne as an enemy becomes her boss, and a great upheaval of Anne’s romance and work begins.

Nakagoshi Noriko as Harada Miki
A 38-year-old secretary of Horizon’s sales department. She was going to hold a Christmas wedding with Sano Yoshiharu whom she has been dating for 10 years, but he suddenly breaks it off. Even so she cannot give up on marriage. She repeatedly goes through matchmaking and desperately searches for a marriage partner. At that moment, she receives an invitation to a date from a much younger Takahara Shun that bewilders and delights her.

Tsukamoto Takashi as Murai Naoto
A 32-year-old temporary employee at Horizon’s planning department. Called an indecisive “goodwill guy” behind his back by female colleagues, he has no ambition and is passive and unresponsive in everything. But he is in fact Toyoshima Anne’s “temporary boyfriend” of one year. He is a caring guy and comforts Anne who gets hurt in battle at the workplace every day.

Shirasu Jin as Takahara Shun
A young, ambitious employee of Horizon who has achieved a commanding sales performance. He is handsome and widely viewed as the Number 1 guy that females most want to marry, but he creates an uproar around him by unexpectedly inviting Harada Miki, who is around 40, on a date.

Kinami Haruka as Ono Sakura
The company president of Horizon’s rival ‘Jungle’ and the queen of corporate acquisitions. Ever since she stole Toyoshima Anne’s boyfriend during university days, the two of them have been like cats and dogs. But she actually acknowledges and fears Anne’s business ability.

Tanaka Naoki as Sano Yoshiharu
A 41-year-old salesman who is good at his job, stubbornly diligent and seen as a “safe and secure marriage partner”. However, he resigns and heartlessly dumps Harada Miki whom he has been dating for 10 years, when they are on the verge of getting married.

Mashima Hidekazu as Kusakabe Hitoshi
A 40-year-old business elite and IT industry saviour who has taken on the responsibility of turning around of Horizon’s business performance and can speak many languages. He pushes unreasonable demands to Toyoshima Anne for some reason and seems to enjoy seeing her in difficulty.

Akiyama Natsuko as Kakei Suzuko
The head of the planning department who silences the people around her with intimidation. Her husband has been laid off and her daughter shuns home. The family is one step short of a breakdown, but the emails she receives from a self-professed fan makes her heart beat fast, which is unbecoming for her age.

Obayashi Rieko (Kuro no Onna Kyoushi, Shima Shima)
Kato Ayako (Piece, Mama wa Mukashi Papa datta)
Senju Minori (Mother Game, Limit)

#1: Significant Halves Who Aren’t the Ones
#2: Romance of the Painful Female
#3: Goodwill Guy’s Betrayal
#4: Love Quadrangle
#5: End of the Temporary Boyfriend
#6: Signs of New Romances
#7: The Sudden Proposal
#8: Females’ Hearts Desire

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