TBS Drama Special 2013 ~ Tokeiya no Musume


Date: From 9.00 p.m., 18 November 2013
Cast: Sawajiri Erika, Kunimura Jun, Kiritani Kenta, Kobayashi Nenji, Nakamura Kankuro, Kimura Fumino
Synopsis: Akiyama Morikazu (Kunimura Jun), the owner of a watch shop at a local shopping street, is a skilled watchmaker. But lately, he has been feeling something is wrong with his eyesight. He is encouraged by his doctor to undergo surgery and considers shutting down his shop. He lives alone because his wife preceded him in death and his son has gone abroad. One day, a young lady called Miyahara Ryo (Sawajiri Erika) visits Akiyama with an old wristwatch that she wants to repair. Several days later, she visits the shop again and tells him something unexpected. This old watch is a reminder of her mother, a hairdresser in Ishinomaki caught in the tsunami two years ago. Because the watch’s wind-up mechanism is vintage, it is an item that collectors will buy at high price. Akiyama somehow finds the watch familiar, and is shocked to learn that the name of Ryo’s mother is Kuniki Chikako (Kimura Fumino). It is because Chikako was Akiyama’s former girlfriend. Akiyama is reminded of the time 25 years ago when Chikako worked at the same department store as him (Nakamura Kankuro). The two of them struck up a friendship through a company trip and grew attracted to each other. The watch in Ryo’s possession was Akiyama’s present to Chikako at that time. The two of them were happy, but Akiyama’s date with the daughter of his boss led Chikako to distance herself emotionally and leave him. He did not know her whereabouts after that. Ryo reveals that she is being pursued by debt collectors because of the debts of her mother who had become a guarantor for an acquaintance, and appeals to him to give her shelter. Although Akiyama rejects her, he worries about her safety and grudgingly lets her live with him … … Ryo heard from her mother that her father died in a traffic accident during her childhood, but she hopes that Akiyama is her own father. On the other hand, Akiyama believes this cannot be true. At that moment, opinions are divided over cutting down a tree which has offered the people mental and spiritual support for the construction of a cultural centre within the town. The neighbourhood gardener Hanamura Tsukasa (Kiritani Kenta) who has been going in and out of the watch shop on patrol for the neighbourhood association, is very interested in Ryo. Akiyama suggests that Ryo repair and sell the watch that she brought in to a collector (Kobayashi Nenji) in order to repay her mother’s debts, and undertakes the hard work but … …
Official Website: www.tbs.co.jp/tokeiyanomusume

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