Dokushin Kizoku ~ A Swinging Single


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Thursdays, 10.00 – 10.54 p.m., 10 October 2013

Fuji TV

Hoshino Mamoru, the president and producer of the movie production compay Cinema Etoile which his father founded, is a bachelor who loves good food, high fashion and above all, movies. He follows the instructions of his aunt Akiko and goes on a blind date with Genozono Reiko, the daughter of the chairman of a movie distributor, but has no interest in marriage. On the other hand, Hoshino Susumu, Mamoru’s younger brother and Cinema Etoile’s managing director, is in the process of an amicable divorce and his days are busy with romance. The lawyer Kobayashi Masashi watches Susumu with disgust. At the same moment, Haruno Yuki, who dreams of being a scriptwriter but has not had luck on her side, receives a proposal from some man. However, the man’s family is present. Yuki discerns that he expects her to play the role of housewife and is disillusioned. One day, Susumu and Mamoru are having a bitter argument at Cinema Etoile. The script from the influential scriptwriter they have asked for their next production has not come. The company’s survival is riding on this production but the budget will not be passed without a script. Believing in the scriptwriter, Mamoru waits even though the deadline is drawing near while Susumu grows frustrated with him. Yuki, who has been unsuccessful at yet another script competition and run out of savings, starts to do part-time house cleaning with her good friend Obara Saori in order earn money. At this moment, Mamoru is asked about the progress of the script by the movie distributor which is an investor, and ends up saying that it is nearly finished … …

Kusanagi Tsuyoshi as Hoshino Mamoru
The highly creative president and movie producer of the movie production company, Cinema Etoile. Cinema Etoile dates back to his father’s days. A bachelor who detests people’s interference in his life and does not understand the meaning of marriage. He loves good food, high fashion and above all, movies. It is not that he cannot marry, he enjoys bachelorhood. At some point, people started calling him the “swinging bachelor”.

Kitagawa Keiko as Haruno Yuki
She came up to Tokyo with the aim of becoming a scriptwriter for movies, and pressed on for the sake of her dream. However, she has failed in several competitions. It is hard to get lucky as a scriptwriter, and lately she has been on the verge of giving up. As for romance, she has received a proposal, but she is disillusioned by how his views on marriage are worlds apart from her. She now earns a living by doing house cleaning. Both work and romance are not going well for her. At some point, people started calling her the “marriage refugee”.

Ito Hideaki as Hoshino Susumu
Hoshino Mamoru’s younger brother. A managing director at Cinema Etoile. He uses his outstanding negotiation skills and business sense to support his brother and the company. His good looks mesmerise women. He is in the process of a divorce, and has been chased out of the house by his wife. At some point, people started calling him the “brave divorcee”.

Fujigaya Taisuke as Kawagoe Yuta
Cinema Etoile’s line producer. Although he works on the set of the movies that Cinema Etoile produces, he actually aspires to be a scriptwriter. Because he is an opportunist, he is weak to the strong, and strong to the weak.

Renbutsu Misako as Ogata Sumika
Hoshino Mamoru’s secretary at Cinema Etoile. She loves Hoshino Susumu the most in the world. Because she prides herself on being the “flower” in the male-dominated workplace, she is displeased with the the presence of Haruno Yuki whom Mamoru and Susumu take notice of. She is too self-conscious of Susumu and also keeps Yuki in check.

Nishihara Aki as Obara Saori
Haruno Yuki’s good friend. She works at the house cleaning company, Little Maid. She wholeheartedly supports Yuki who aims to be a scriptwriter, gives her advice on every matter and even lets her stay at her house.

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2 Responses to Dokushin Kizoku ~ A Swinging Single

  1. Maya says:

    I love this Jdrama. To be honest I wasn’t into Jdramas before but this has sparked my interest to watch more Jdramas.

    I love the main guy Hoshino Mamoru. I really hope he gets with the main girl Yuki because it’s just sad seeing this twisted love triangle. I don’t think Yuki even likes Susumu and is just dating him cause he is nice to her and has confessed his feelings to her.

    If Mamoru doesnt get with Yuki then I hope he doesnt go into that marriage with Keiko

    • Verne says:

      Maya , I agree with you concerning this triangle, really a square with Keiko. What a great potential for a disaster.This is a great representation of the pitfalls of looking to far ahead to help others despite your own feelings..I do LOVE this drama.

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