BS NTV Drama Special 2012 ~ Se no Me


Date: From 9.00 p.m., 31 March 2012
Cast: Watabe Atsuro, Narumi Riko, Hirayama Koji, Moriwaki Eriko, Machida Shion, Yamazaki Ryutaro, Honda Hirotaro, Satoi Kenta, Ryu Raita
Synopsis: Author Michio Shusuke (Hirayama Koji) is visiting Shirotoge Village deep in the moutains of Tohoku. He came here after hearing that people who have the unexpected appearance of a queer eye behind their backs in photographs taken at the village, will commit suicide a few days later. As Michio walks to a waterfall, he hears a strange voice. “Re … oguro … arada … rogo …” Feeling something spooky about the whole incident, he cuts short his plans and returns to Tokyo. Michio consults his university senior, Makibi Shosuke (Watabe Atsuro), who has the odd title of paranormal investigator. Before long, Makibi is approached by acquaintances of people who had committed suicide one after another at Shirotoge Village and its vicinity. Just as Michio had heard, the ghostly image of a queer eye appeared behind the backs of people in photographs taken just before their deaths. There are no reasons for the suicides. Could that eye have induced them to kill themselves? Furthermore, children in the village have been mysteriously spirited away for several years. Michio and Makibi as well as Makibi’s assistant Kitami Rin (Narumi Riko) head to Shirotoge Village to probe this mystery. Why is the eye the only thing taken? What is the meaning of the words that Michio heard?


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