Sunao ni Narenakute


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Thursdays, 10.00 – 10.54 p.m. from 15 April 2010

Fuji TV

Mizuno Tsukiko, a high school teacher who goes by the name ‘Haru’, has an offline meeting at Shibuya with friends that she has met through Twitter. ‘Haru’ has never seen them before but there is a guy that she is interested among them, and so she asks her good friend, Nishimura Hikari, to come along. They go to the appointed cafe where ‘Linda’ and ‘Doctor’ are already waiting. However, ‘Haru’ sees a guy who has come late, and raises her head. It is ‘Nakaji’, the guy she has an interest in, who is also the ‘horrid guy’ that she had just argued with on the street …

Eita as Nakajima Keisuke (Nakaji)
A cameraman. That said, he is still a novice, and also a photographer’s assistant. He takes on small assignments such as photography for erotic magazines for his work. He had admired his father, who used to be a war photographer, but has had mixed feelings for his father ever since he changed because of injuries sustained in the battlefield. He is attracted by his father’s photos in spite of that and aims to be a war photographer.

Ueno Juri as Mizuno Tsukiko (Haru)
A part-time teacher at a private high school. She is strong-minded, finds it hard to be straightforward and has no confidence in herself. She is also the emotional, reckless type. Her father has been transferred to a location far away from the family and her mother is going through menopause. Her younger brother has turned to drugs and become a social recluse. She aspires to be Kinpachi Sensei and is trying to find her own bearings as a teacher. She is afraid of love and has not dated a guy in her 24 years. She has an interest in ‘Nakaji’, who she met through Twitter …

Jaejung as Park Sung Su (Doctor)
He came from South Korea to Japan five years ago with younger sister, Min Ha. He lies on Twitter that he is a doctor, but is actually in his third year as a salesman with a medical equipment maker. Everyday, he agonises over being scolded by his boss over his flagging sales performance. He lives with Min Ha, and does the best he can to support the household on his salary alone. Min Ha is a third year student at the school that ‘Haru’ works at and she is a high achiever.

Seki Megumi as Nishimura Hikari (Pi-chi)
‘Haru’s classmate from high school days and good friend. She works at a children’s clothing store. She is the type who does not think about things, deeply and has a tendency to be rather loose toward men. Hikari has no female friends, but before she realises it, becomes good friends with Tsukiko, who cannot leave her alone. She tells ‘Haru’ that her affair with her boss is over but she is still continuing the fling … She has a habit of slitting her wrists and always hides them with accessories on her arms.

Tamayama Tetsuji as Ichihara Kaoru (Linda)
An editor at a mid-sized publisher. He had been in sales previously but was chosen by the current female editor-in-chief, Okuda Mariko, to be an editor – a role that he had long sought. However, he has been sexually harassed by Okuda and forced to sleep with her. He is troubled because of his erectile dysfunction. He is regarded to be a lady-killer because of his intellectual, exquisitely-chiseled features. He comes from a family of doctors and his older brother is also a doctor at a university hospital. His grades were good and everyone though he would become a doctor. However, he failed the entrance exam for medical school twice and has inferior to his brother ever since then.

Igawa Haruka as Yamamoto Kiriko
Seven years ago, she met ‘Nakaji’ while travelling and fell in love. They even got tattoos together. However, after their return to Japan, her father’s company seemed on the brink of bankruptcy and she was forced to marry the man who gave financial assistance. She has continued her relationship with ‘Nakaji’ even after her marriage.

Kikkawa Koji as Nakajima Ryosuke
‘Nakaji’s’ father. He worked as a war photographer but was injured on the battlefront while covering a war. After his return to Japan, he has kept switching jobs. Recently he has been asking ‘Nakaji’ for money.

Fubuki Jun as Mizuno Shoko
‘Haru’s’ mother. Because she is going through menopause her energy level is low. She is worried about her son Shu who is taking drugs and has been in a correctional facility since last year.

Watanabe Eri as Okuda Mariko
The chief editor at the medium-sized publisher that ‘Linda’ works at. An energetic career woman, she has reached her present position because of her exceptional planning ability and skills. She likes ‘Linda’ and selects him for a transfer from the sales division to the editorial division where she begins strong sexual harassment. She sees young men as a part of a brand but …

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