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Upcoming 2019 Dramas

Jikou Keisatsu 2019
Date: 2019
Station: TV Asahi
Scriptwriter: Miki Satoshi (Atami no Sousakan, Jikou Keisatsu Series)
Genre: Comedy mystery
Cast: Odagiri Joe, Aso Kumiko
Synopsis: Kiriyama Shuichiro (Odagiri Joe) returns to Japan after a 12-year secondment to the FBI in the US, and rejoins the Statute of Limitation Management Division at Sobu Police Precinct. The primary job of this division is to send documents on cases where the statue of limitations have run out to the prosecution, and to manage these investigation materials. However, ever since the statue of limitation was abolished for serious cases such as murders, the division has become more redundant than ever. Kiriyama returns to his old haunt and gets started on his hobby again with his assistant Mikazuki Shizuka (Aso Kumiko). It is to personally investigate cases where the statute of limitation is expiring. He is not particularly concerned about identifying the criminal or the size of the cases. All he wants to do is to make sure his deductions are correct.

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Mistresses ~ Onnatachi no Himitsu


Official Website

From 10.00 p.m., Fridays, 19 April 2019


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Ore no Sukato, Doko Itta?

Ore no Sukato

Official Website

From 10.00 p.m., Saturdays, 20 April 2019


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Atama ni Kitemo Aho to wa Tatakauna! CM

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Upcoming 2020 Dramas

Date: Spring 2020
Station: NHK
Scriptwriter: Hayashi Koji (Headhunter, Sniffer Series, Cold Case Season 1)
Cast: Kubota Masataka
Synopsis: In 1909, a long-awaited baby boy was born to a family which has run a dry goods store for generations in Fukushima Prefecture. He would later become the talented composer Koyama Yuichi (Kubota Masataka) who wrote many famous songs. Although Yuichi was brought up as the heir of the business, he was rather dreamy and considered a child with no redeeming traits by the people around him. However, when he encountered music, it sparked joy and unleashed his gift in composing music through self-study. As a youth, Yuichi secretly put his name down for an overseas songwriting competition. This would change his destiny. He won runner-up for the song he entered for the competition. As a result, he got to know a female student who wanted to be a singer. Despite the long distance between them – Fukushima and Toyohashi – the two of them tied the knot. When they came to Tokyo, they met all sorts of people and weathered a dark period to produce a number of hit songs. However, war broke out and Yuichi had to compose wartime songs at the army’s request. It pained him that young men died in battle after singing the songs he had written. After the war, the country began to recover amid the chaos. The couple made a new era of music in an attempt to encourage the wounded through the power of music.
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TV Asahi Drama Special 2019 ~ Mikaiketsu no Onna ~ Keishichou Bunsho Sousakan

Mikaiketsu no Onna  SP

Date: From 9.00 p.m., 28 April 2019
Scriptwriter: Omori Mika (Mikaiketsu no Onna, Kono Koe o Kimi ni, Asa ga Kita Series)
Original Work: Hiiro no Signal Keishichou Bunsho Sousakan Episode Zero by Asami Kazushi
Cast: Haru, Sawamura Ikki, Kudo Asuka, Takada Junji, Mitsuishi Ken, Endo Kenichi, Suzuki Kyoka, Tanihara Shosuke (guest star), Takeda Shinji (guest star), Nakamura Shunsuke (guest star)
Synopsis: Detective Yashiro Tomo (Haru), who belongs to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Sixth Special Investigations Unit, visits the Kyoto Prefectural Police along with senior detectives Narumi Risa (Suzuki Kyoka) and Kusaka Shinji (Endo Kenichi). Continue reading

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Saka no Tochuu no Ie

Saka no Tochuu

Official Website

From 10.00 p.m., Saturdays, 27 April 2019


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Upcoming Fall 2019 Dramas

Date: From 8.00 a.m., Mondays – Saturdays, 30 September 2019
Station: NHK
Scriptwriter: Mizuhashi Fumie (Haha ni Naru, Hayami-sensei Kekkon Surutte Hontou desu ka?, Sharehouse no Koibito)
Cast: Toda Erika, Mizobata Junpei, Sakuraba Nanami, Fukuda Mayuko, Oshima Yuko, Sato Ryuta, Hayashi Kento, Mizuno Miki, Kitamura Kazuki, Tomita Yasuko, Zaizen Naomi
Synopsis: Shortly after the end of the war, Kawahara Kimiko (Toda Erika) moves to Shigaraki, a pottery town in Shiga Prefecture, from Osaka. The eldest of three girls, she is a hardworking person who has supported the family (Sakuraba Nanami, Fukuda Mayuko, Kitamura Kazuki, Tomita Yasuko) since she was a child. Having grown up around Shigaraki ware, Kimiko eventually plunges into the male-dominated world of ceramics where she proceeds to blaze a trail as a pioneering female ceramic artist. She falls in love and gets married to her husband who is also a ceramic artist. United by their aspiration to be the ideal creative couple, they strive to create unique Shigaraki ware with their own kiln. She becomes a mother of two children and also cultivates many disciples.
Website: –

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Saka no Tochuu no Ie CM

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