6-byoukan no Kiseki ~ Hanabishi Mochizuki Seitaro no Yuutsu

Hanabishi Mochizuki

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From 11.30 p.m., Saturdays, 14 January – 18 March 2023


TV Asahi

With no end in sight to the COVID-19 outbreak, the upcoming fireworks festival in the summer of 2022 has been cancelled. Mochizuki Seitaro and his father Ko, who is the fourth generation owner of a hard-hit fireworks business in a local town, look like they will be free again this year. If there cannot be large-scale fireworks, Ko suggests to Seitaro many times that they start making fireworks for individual customers. But Seitaro is reluctant because of the number of things that have to be done. He would also have to communicate with customers on the minute details ahead of time. However, that is not the true reason why he hates the idea. On one seemingly typical morning after breakfast, Ko collapses at the workshop. He manages to say sorry to Seitaro before drawing his last breath. Left alone, Seitaro is at a loss … … That winter, Mizumori Hikari visits the workshop holding a handwritten flyer that says “Set off your own customised fireworks!” She tells Seitaro that she would like her own fireworks show. But when Seitaro eventually asks what kind of fireworks Hikari would like, her order is “fireworks that are beautiful to you”. At that moment, his father who was supposed to be dead appears without warning in front of Seitaro! Then on the night that the fireworks are set off, Hikari’s unexpected reaction as she watches it agitates Seitaro. What is her motive? And how will the relationship between Seitaro and his father develop?

Takahashi Issei as Mochizuki Seitaro
Born to a family of pyrotechnicians who have had a fireworks business for generations, he became a pyrotechnician himself. His parents got divorced when he was 9 and he has lived with his father Ko since then. He feels insecure about his finances as there have practically been no opportunities to set off fireworks as large-scale fireworks displays and competitions have been cancelled due to COVID-19 these few years.

Hashizume Isao as Mochizuki Ko
The fourth generation owner of a fireworks business. His only employee is his son Seitaro. When he was 30, he fell in love at first sight with his wife and married her against the wishes of her parents. However, they got divorced after 10 years of marriage. And there is a fact about his parents that even Seitaro does not even know. He hopes that Seitaro will get married but does not dare to say it. Although he draws his last breath after saying sorry to Seitaro, he … …

Honda Tsubasa as Mizumori Hikari
A young woman who lives with her parents. She has a boyfriend of four years, but in that time, they kept breaking up and getting back together again. One day she visits Mochizuki Seitaro’s shop with a flyer that says “Set off your own customised fireworks!” and places an order for fireworks. For some reason, she reminds Seitaro of his mother and Ko of his wife. At times she is nonchalant, captivating and innocent. Her presence begins to have an impact on the lives of father and son.

Hashibe Atsuko (Mokomi, Shitteru Wife, Bokura wa Kiseki de Dekiteiru)

Fujita Meiji, Takezono Hajime, Matsuo Takashi

Theme Song
Yozora o Kakeru by Ketsumeishi

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