Themis no Kyoushitsu ~ Legal no Seishun Hakusho

Megami no Kyoushitsu

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From 9.00 p.m., Mondays, 9 January – 20 March 2023


Fuji TV

Hiiragi Shizuku, a judge from the Tokyo District Court, devotes too much time to each case and cannot do her daily work efficiently. One day, she is suddenly assigned to Seinan University’s graduate school of law as a temporary instructor. Shizuku believes that she would also concurrently continue to serve as a judge but to her surprise, she has to teach full time. This is where she meets a popular teacher Aoi Jin and five law school students. However, she discovers that the law school does not hold practical lessons like the ones she had when she was studying. Its lessons are only focused on the immediate goal of passing the bar exam. In fact, Aoi and other faculty members are interested in nothing else but teaching students about the bar exam while the students just want to prepare for the bar exam while taking courses where they can easily earn academic credits. Shizuku is uncomfortable with this reality and quickly gets into the students’ bad books for focusing on areas that have nothing to do with the bar exam. As a judge, Shizuku carries out her duties with the conviction that a person cannot be a good lawyer without understanding people. To train the students who will be responsible for the administration of justice so that they will become fine young talent, she emphasises looking out for the reasons behind people’s actions during her lessons. When students enter the legal profession and handle actual cases, they will face the law and people. That is why Shizuku wants to inculcate the importance of understanding and trying to get to know people. She gives Aoi and the students, who have precisely the opposite values, an awareness that is not found in law textbooks.

Kitagawa Keiko as Hiiragi Shizuku
A temporary instructor at Seinan University’s graduate school of law. When she was a student, her father was dismissed by the small factory he worked for and she attended the trial as the family member of a plaintiff. At that time, she was impressed by the way the judge listened intently to each plaintiff’s story and decided that she wanted to become a judge too. After graduating from university, she studied law at a law school and is now a judge at the Tokyo District Court. Based on her experiences as a student and the influence of her mentor during law school, she believes a person cannot be a good lawyer without understanding people and she tries to get to know people and get involved with them. However, this conviction now works against her. She cannot handle cases very efficiently with 30 cases a month and 300 trials a year. She is a warm, friendly person with good sensibility. As a result of her job as a judge, she is often considered elite and perfect, but she is far from perfect.

Yamada Yuki as Aoi Jin
A faculty member at Seinan University’s graduate school of law. An extremely rational and eccentric person who is obsessed with judicial precedents and confident that his knowledge is second to none. He has no interest in anything besides imparting knowledge needed for the bar exam, and is indifferent to other people to begin with. In class, he is only willing to teach students with good grades and has no regard for those with low grades. However, he is a genius who passed the bar exam while he was studying at Tokyo University’s law faculty. Because his voluntary private tutoring with the aim of helping students pass the bar exam boast an impressive pass rate every year, he is worshipped as the messiah and god by the law school’s students and recognised as the ace by teaching staff. He constantly has arguments with Hiiragi Shizuku who has a different teaching method and personality and he would roar that law school is not a place where you play friends!” But as he conducts lessons with Shizuku, she starts to affect him in various ways and he gradually develops feelings that make him more like a decent person … …

Minami Sara as Terui Yukino
A second-year graduate student at Seinan University’s graduate school of law. She is a dependable person who is strict with other people as well as herself. Her goal is to become a public prosecutor. She treats fellow students curtly and keeps a distance from them. Despite objecting strongly to Hiiragi Shizuku’s which she finds less effective than Aoi Jin’s, a past incident has shaped her sense of justice … …

Takahashi Fumiya as Manaka Shintaro
A second-year graduate student at Seinan University’s graduate school of law. He has excellent communication skills and is a leader among the students. He wants to become a lawyer who saves the weak. Although he shows kindness in extending a hand to schoolmates who have lower grades, in reality he privately feels anxious about whether he will pass the bar exam and really become a lawyer. While he shows his good side to the teachers, he also has a dark side where it is impossible to know what he is thinking.

Maeda Oshiro as Kiriya Junpei
A second-year graduate student at Seinan University’s graduate school of law. He is talkative and gets carried away easily. Because his grades are low, he plays the fool with the students around him but he is servile to those like Manaka Shintaro who have higher grades and cannot even talk to Terui Yukino. In his heart, he hides his feelings of loneliness from being looked down on all his life.

Maeda Kentaro as Mizusawa Takuma
A second-year graduate student at Seinan University’s graduate school of law. He is a loner. Unlike the many students who come from wealthy families, he was raised by his poor single mother and has a scholarship that he has to repay. He has been working part-time as a security guard. It also stings that his financial circumstances are so different from other students. While he distance himself from the people around him, he wishes to help his family after he becomes a lawyer.

Kawamura Hana as Amano Himawari
A second-year graduate student at Seinan University’s graduate school of law. She is a lazy student, having given up on realising her own potential. Her father is a well-known business lawyer and she was half forced to follow in his footsteps. She has been passing each day with the attitude that it would not matter if she did not make it, but … …

Oikawa Mitsuhiro as Morimiya Kiyomasa
The head of Seinan University’s graduate school of law. He has a good understanding of Hiiragi Shizuku who has put her trust in him. For the law school to survive, he must raise the pass rate for the bar exam but he also grapples with the dilemma that he will not be able to nurture lawyers who can practice law for a long time due to the emphasis on efficiency. In an attempt to change the current situation, he makes Shizuku pair up with Aoi Jin who has completely different values as well as teaching methods. While he is a good communicator, he can also be hard to deal with such as when he puts the two of them in charge of joint exercises and says that this is his order.

Okita Haruka (Unicorn ni Notte, Night Doctor, Radiation House Series)
Kanda Yu (Kyoso no Bannin, Itoshii Uso Yasashii Yami, Radiation House Series)

Sawada Kensaku, Tanimura Masaki

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