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28-year-old Tanioka Hatsune is a very ordinary public relations employee at the municipal office in Nishi Saitama City, a peaceful town in the outskirts of Saitama Prefecture. In fact, she was a violin prodigy who won numerous music competitions from an early age and performed with famous orchestras. But for some reason, Hatsune decided to leave the stage 10 years ago. She loves music and simply wishes to continue playing her beloved violin in private. However, her identity gets outed by Tokiwa Asahi, an up-and-coming conductor whose love for music is so unusually strong that he mercilessly points out musicians’ faults. Asahi had been based in Germany until he was compelled by his father Shusuke to return to Japan all of a sudden. As the mayor of Nishi Saitama City, Shusuke is leading the construction of a grand symphony hall as part of his plans to revitalise the town through music. Ordered to overhaul the lousy local Kodama Symphony Orchestra into one that can play to a full house at the new symphony hall when it opens in three months, Asahi tries to recruit Hatsune to be the orchestra’s concert master. Despite her reluctance, Hatsune is moved by the members who give their all and hold on to their dreams, all for the love of music. Asahi and Hatsune will have to deal with all sorts of obstacles and formidable enemies.

Kadowaki Mugi as Tanioka Hatsune
A public relations employee at Nishi Saitama City’s municipal office. She is actually a violin prodigy who suddenly left the stage 10 years ago for some reason. She has a deep love for music and breathes life into her violin performances. Although she wishes to continue quietly playing her violin, her true identity is exposed by Tokiwa Asahi and she ends up being recruited to become Kodama Symphony Orchestra’s concert master?!

Tanaka Kei as Tokiwa Asahi
Kodama Symphony Orchestra’ conductor. His father is Nishi Saitama City’s mayor. He grew up in a well-to-do family, learning the piano and violin from a young age and was hothoused in classical music. A graduate from the Tokyo University of Arts’s faculty of music, he is currently an up-and-coming conductor in Germany. His love for music is so unusually strong that he mercilessly points out musicians’ faults. Then he is suddenly forced to return to Japan by his father and ordered to overhaul Kodama Symphony Orchestra. But his frustration with this shabby orchestra keeps growing …

Nagayama Kento as Mishima Shoichiro
A popular violinist who has been active overseas and is one of Japan’s best. Tanioka Hatsune’s childhood friend. His father is a world-famous conductor and his mother is a well-known violinist. Because of that, he has been the focus of attention since young. He is in fact a stoic and hardworking person.

Takiuchi Kumi as Sasaki Reo
Kodama Symphony Orchestra’s passionate principal cellist. She was raised by parents who love music. She falls in love easily and has had many romances. She is currently dating a famous orchestra’s trombone player but … …

Bando Ryota as Shoji Aoi
Kodama Symphony Orchestra’s principal flute. He has been with the orchestra for a year and always comes late. Although his goal is to be a top musician, he could only get into Kodama Symphony Orchestra and he feels slightly disappointed … …

Tsuda Kenjiro as Motomiya Yuichi
A Nishi Saitama City council member. He is popular with housewives because of his good looks. He covets Tokiwa Shusuke’s position and plots destroy Kodama Symphony Orchestra which Shusuke supports.

Namase Katsuhisa as Tokiwa Shusuke
Tokiwa Asahi’s father and the mayor of Nishi Saitama City. He has initiated a project to turn it into the city of music and is building a grand symphony hall. Wanting to transform Kodama Symphony Orchestra into an orchestra that attracts concert goers, he makes his son Asahi return to Japan. He is calculating but somehow impossible to hate.

Shimizu Yukako (Saiai, Watashi Teiji de Kaerimasu, Poison Daughter Holy Mother)

Inomata Ryuichi, Komuro Naoko, Suzuki Yuma



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