NHK BS Premium Drama Special 2023 ~ Galapagos


Date: From 9.00 – 10.30 p.m., 6 & 13 February 2023
Original Work: Galapagos by Aiba Hideo
Scriptwriter: Todayama Masashi (Keiji Zero Series, Ishi Tsubute, Specialist)
Director: Wakamatsu Setsuro
Cast: Oda Yuji, Sakuraba Nanami, Mitsushima Shinnosuke, Takashima Masahiro, Izumi Rika, Kamiji Yusuke, Tsurumi Shingo, Nomaguchi Toru, Azuma Mikihisa, Kanai Yuta, Ishimaru Kenjiro, Toda Naho, Shinohara Yukiko, Ameku Michiko, Tsukayama Masane, Ito Hideaki  
Synopsis: Detective Tagawa Shinichi (Oda Yuji) from the First Investigation Division’s Unsolved Crime Unit has been looking into a list of unidentified dead people at the request of Kowata Yuka (Sakuraba Nanami) from the crime lab. He figures out that the man who is 903 on the list was killed but this was passed off as suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning. What they do not yet realise is the great evil plot lurking behind his murder. Tagawa and Kowata carefully investigate and determine that he is Nakano Sadafumi (Mitsushima Shinnosuke), a temporary worker who hails from Miyakojima in Okinawa Prefecture. Meanwhile, Torii Masaru (Ito Hideaki) from the First Investigation Division’s Special Investigations keeps tabs on Tagawa’s movements while he establishes close relationships with CEO Mori Kiichi (Takashima Masahiro) from a major temporary staffing agency Hopeness Holdings and the CEO Matsuzaki Naoki (Tsurumi Shingo) of car manufacturer Hiraga Motors. Then Tagawa learns that Nakano had been registered with a temporary staffing company affiliated with Hopeness Holdings and worked at Hiraga Motors’ car assembly plant. Nakano had also been about to blow the whistle on something through the internet … …
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