Upcoming Fall 2023 Dramas

Boogie Woogie*UPDATED*
Date: From Fall 2023
Station: NHK
Scriptwriter: Adachi Shin (Hirowareta Otoko, Nusumareta Kao, Itsuka de Tiffany de Choshoku o)
Directors: Fukui Mitsuhiro, Futami Daisuke, Izunami Takamasa
Cast: Shuri
Synopsis: The poster girl of a small public bath in an Osaka neighbourhood around the end of the Taisho period, Hanada Suzuko loves singing and dancing. Wanting to make everyone smile through song and dance, she decides to join a newly established musical theatre troupe in Dotonbori. Suzuko practices hard and stands out with her outstanding singing talent. In 1938, she moves up to Tokyo where an encounter with a popular songwriter dramatically alters her destiny. Under his guidance, she becomes popular as the Queen of Swing. But when World War II begins, Suzuko’s situation drastically changes. The songs she had sung are considered the enemy’s music and her singing and dancing are severely restricted. Adding to her troubles, her younger brother is sent to the warfront and their mother dies of illness. Suzuko falls in love with a young man and they make a commitment to get married. But his family is dead set against their union. By the time the war ends after Japan’s surrender, Suzuko is pregnant with his child. However, he falls ill and she cannot see him. In the final month of her pregnancy, she receives word of his passing. Several days later, Suzuko gives birth to a baby girl. She raises their child on her own while singing on stage. Tokyo Boogie Woogie is born at this time. Bright and natural Suzuko shows her charm, singing with all she has got. This singing voice resounds across the country which has been blighted by the war. She becomes known as the Queen of Boogie and rapidly rises to be a huge star.
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