Owaraseru Mono

Owaraseru Mono

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From 6.00 p.m., Thursdays, 22 September – 24 November 2022



There have been a series of bizarre killings where the dead bodies are synthesised with mannequins in what is dubbed the Mannequin Serial Murders. Another new case that will shock the public is connected to a peculiar family, the Saitos. Architect Saito Nagakazu, his wife Asumi who has several mannequins used for dressmaking and their son Rukia become the subject of a police investigation after Rukia’s girlfriend becomes a murder victim. Police officer Shimizu Takuya is unusually obsessed with this case. Called an eccentric within the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department for spending his time and life on it, he is convinced that the criminal is one of the five people who were there with the victim. Shimizu partners with a young detective Hasui Kyoya to get to the bottom of the matter. Kyoya, who has just been assigned to the First Investigation Division, was actually sent by a mysterious man called Hashimoto Junki who gives him instructions and information. While trying to stop Shimizu from being combative and reckless, Hasui starts to realise the uncanny truth. Meanwhile, Shimizu learns about the mysterious words “terminator” and the case takes an unexpected turn … …

* Tamayama Tetsuji as Shimizu Takuya
* Okayama Amane as Hasui Kyoya
* Tominaga Ai as Saito Asumi
* Sato Honami as Mori Yumiko
* Tanaka Naoki as Saito Nagakazu
* Araki Towa as Saito Ryukia
* Saotome Taichi as Hashimoto Junki

Hitsuji (Joge Kankei)
Nishi Kosuke (Joge Kankei, Zettai Seigi, Mozu Series)
Sakurayashiki Tomonao


Theme Song
Marvelous Persona by Rin toshite Shigure

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