Sayonara no Mukougawa

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From 11.59 p.m., Thursdays, 22 September 2022



“Who is the last person you would like to see?” When junior high school teacher Sakuraba Ayako wakes up, she sees a man standing there. Calling himself a guide of this mysterious place that extends in front of them, he tells her that this is “goodbye’s other side”. As his words sink in, Ayako recalls that she has died. She lets slip that she had never thought she would die in this manner. Visitors to this other side can meet people of this world one last time within a 24-hour time period. Ayako immediately thinks of her son Yuta and husband Hirotaka. However, the guide says the ones she can meet are only those who still do not know about her death. Ayako goes to the house of her former teacher Ishibashi Nobuyoshi. She is greeted by his daughter Megumi, but Nobuyoshi passed away about two years ago … …

* Kamikawa Takaya as Guide
* Kanjiya Shihori as Sakuraba Ayako (Ep 1)
* Shinkawa Yua as Ishibashi Megumi (Ep 1)
* Yonemoto Takato as Sakuraba Hirotaka (Ep 1)
* Mashima Hidekazu as Yamawaki Koichi (Ep 2)
* Emoto Akira as Yamawaki Hiroshi (Ep 2)
* Miyazawa Miho as Yamawaki Yuriko (Ep 2)
* Yoshida Rinne as Kagura Misaki (Ep 3)
* Imai Yuki as Okura Shinobu (Ep 3)
* Toda Naho as Taniguchi Yoko (Ep 4)
* Kiba Katsumi as Guide (Ep 4)
* Takahashi Yuto as Iseya Kotaro (Ep 4)

Original Work
Sayonara no Mukougawa by Shimizu Haruki

Mizuhashi Fumie (Komi-san wa Komyusho desu, #RemoLove, Mikazuki,)
Ito Nanoha (Gohoubi Gohan)

Fukagawa Yoshihiro

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