NHK BS Premium Drama Special 2022 ~ Zoku Harukanaru Yama no Yobigoe

Zoku Harukanaru Yama no Yobigoe

Date: From 9.00 – 10.29 p.m., 17 September 2022
Original Work: Harukanaru Yama no Yobigoe by Yamada Yoji
Scriptwriters: Yamada Yoji (Harukanaru Yama no Yobigoe), Ishikawa Katsumi (Tsuri Baka Nisshi Series)
Cast: Abe Hiroshi, Tokiwa Takako, Sato Yutaro, Fujii Takashi, Matobu Sei, Kitayama Masayasu, Kaneda Akio, Yamashita Yorie, Kakei Toshio, Takahata Atsuko
Synopsis: Moriyama Kosaku (Abe Hiroshi) is released from a Hokkaido prison on parole. After he salutes the prison officers, he approaches a car that is stopped nearby. A mysterious woman Kana (Matobu Sei) is waiting in the driver’s seat. Meanwhile, Kazami Tamiko’s (Tokiwa Takako) aunt Suzue (Takahata Atsuko) visits her ranch in Nakashibetsu and laments about the changes in Tamiko’s only son Takeshi (Sato Yutaro). Five years ago, Kosaku was arrested right in front of the boy. That episode caused Takeshi to turn into a completely introverted and eccentric youth who obsessively plays the piano. Furthermore, Abuta (Kakei Toshio) comes over and expresses concern about junior high school music teacher Nishikawa’s (Fujii Takashi) frequent visits to the Kazamis. He proceeds to inform Tamiko that Kosaku has been released from prison. Even though Tamiko had attempted to forget Kosaku who never replied any of the letters that she sent to the prison, the news makes her heart stir all of a sudden.
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