NHK Drama Special 2022 ~ Jiken wa, Sono Mawari de Okiteiru

Jiken wa, Sono Mawari de Okiteiru

Date: From 10.45 – 11.00 p.m., 1 – 4 August 2022
Genre: Comedy
Scriptwriter: Kuramochi Yutaka (Yowakute mo Katemasu, Nobunaga no Chef)
Director: Nishikawa Tsuyoshi
Cast: Koshiba Fuka, Kasamatsu Sho, Nakano Shuhei, Kurashina Kana, Kitamura Yukiya  
Synopsis: The spotlight is thrown on detectives’ problems that occur around cases at Shingetsu Police Precinct in the countryside. Mano Ichika (Koshiba Fuka), a young detective who works at this small police precinct, wants to solve everything on her own. She also has an aversion to relying on others. Udagawa Kazuto (Kasamatsu Sho), whom she has been partnered with, is the complete opposite. He is rational, focused on efficiency and will not hesitate to ask for a favour. Because of their contrasting personalities, Mano and Udagawa always find themselves getting into arguments. During a downpour one night, they return to the police precinct from a search site in the mountains. After taking a shower and catching some rest, Mano realises that her mobile phone is missing and wonders whether she dropped it at the search site. Not wanting to return to the mountains and search for it alone in the dark while it is raining, Mano invites Udagawa to go with her but … …
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