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Unicorn ni Notte

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From 10.00 p.m., Tuesdays, 5 July – 6 September 2002



Narukawa Sana is the CEO of Dream Pony, a start-up working on an education app. A special lecture by Haneda Sachi, a famous female entrepreneur, that she had snuck into a university to listen to five years ago, inspired her to start a business with Suzaki Ko two years later at the age of 23. Sana’s rather wild dream is to turn it into a unicorn within 10 years and create an app used by people all over the world. At the time it was launched, Dream Pony had a growth spurt, but as it enters the third year in business without developing the next service, she has been feeling anxious about the slowdown in its turnover and technology. Wanting to change the current situation, Suzaki proposes to find people who can hit the ground running. They quickly place job ads online and interview candidates including 48-year-old salaryman Kotori Satoshi worked at a more traditional type of company. While he has no programming experience and is one generation older than Sana, she cannot shake off his words about coming here because he identifies with the company’s vision of creating a place where everyone can learn as equals and he gets hired as her subordinate. At first, Sana cannot stand Kotori. However, she gets friendlier after being helped by his wise advice and philosophy based on his extensive experience. Kotori’s arrival also triggers a change in Suzaki who can no longer hold back the feelings that he has kept to himself for a long time. Work has always come first for Sana. She does not care about romance and has been oblivious to Suzaki’s feelings for her. Sana suddenly finds herself caught in a triangle in both work and love.

Nagano Mei as Narukawa Sana
The young CEO of Dream Pony. She grew up in poverty and was not able to get a proper educational environment. That spurred her to study on her own after graduating from high school and set up Dream Pony. She aims to make Dream Pony a unicorn with the philosophy of creating a place where everyone can study as equals. She grows with the support of her business partner Suzaki Ko and middle-aged subordinate Kotori Satoshi.

Nishijima Hidetoshi as Kotori Satoshi
He suddenly resigned from a local bank that he had been working at for 26 years and started looking for a career change at the age of 48. He took an interest in Dream Pony which he found through a website for people wanting to change jobs and was hired after an interview. He deeply relates to Narukawa Sana’s ideals. Although he is confounded by the generational gap with the younger members at Dream Pony, he seeks to contribute in his own way. His hobbies are going to libraries and bird watching.

Sugino Yosuke as Suzaki Ko
A founding member of Dream Pony together with Narukawa Sana and Kuriki Jiro. He is the company’s Chief Technology Officer. Despite being the only son of a family that owns a major property group, he chose to be an entrepreneur and is estranged from his family. He and Sana met when she snuck into the university and has become a business partner whom she is comfortable talking to about anything other than work. However, he has had feelings for her for a long time which he has not been able to confess.

Maehara Kou as Kuriki Jiro
An alumni of the same university as Suzaki Ko and a founding member of Dream Pony. An engineer and coordinator of the team at Dream Pony. He understands Suzaki well. He may be someone who gets carried away easily but he realises that Suzaki has feelings for Narukawa Sana and supports him.

Ishikawa Ren as Kurata Rinka
A beauty influencer who is popular with young people on social media. She is a childhood friend of Suzaki Ko and they even dated while in high school. She still cannot forget about him.

Hirosue Ryoko as Haneda Sachi
The new CEO of a large telecommunications company called Cyber Mobile. Narukawa Sana has admired her since high school days and she was the one who inspired Sana to start a business. She used to be the staff of an apparel store before becoming a famous female entrepreneur who set up a fashion e-commerce site which became a unicorn. At home, she is a single mother who loves her son.

Okita Haruka (Radiation House Series, Night Doctor, Keiji Yugami)

Aoyama Takahiro, Tanazawa Takayoshi, Izumi Masahide

Theme Song
Shiwakuchana Kumo o Daite by DISH

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