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A dramatic everyday life may be hidden behind the chair someone sits on. These unique and profoundly mysterious stories superimpose the origins and special characteristics of vintage and original chair models with women’s lives.

Denkyuu o Kaetai
Synopsis: Ikeda Susumu (Iwasaki Udai) witnesses a couple’s quarrel and instinctively calls out to a downcast Okabayashi Nana (Yoshioka Riho). She is an office lady who has just moved in and is struggling to replace a light bulb on her own. Susumu ends up lending a chair that he has to her. The two of them feel at ease after eyewitness accounts of the rumoured Speedster on the street. However, each person has a secret that they cannot tell anyone.
Cast: Yoshioka Riho, Iwasaki Udai, Mizuma Long

Saikou no Hibi
Synopsis: Morikawa Yoshimi (Yoshioka Riho) is telling her mother (Ginpuncho) over the phone how she has been doing. She seems to be leading a wonderful life. One day, Yoshimi is suddenly called out of the blue by a former classmate whose first name is pronounced the same way as hers, Saeki Yoshimi (Yoshioka Riho). It has been a long time since they last met. Yoshimi says she was told an unexpected story when she went for the piano classes that her mother used to teach.
Cast: Yoshioka Riho, Ginpuncho

Umi e
Synopsis: After attending their good friend Haruka’s (Ishii Anna) funeral service, Saya (Motola Serina) together with Anna (Hotta Mayu) and Eri (Kawai Yumi) are on the rooftop and immersed in their memories. The four of them had always been together since they were students. They recall that Haruka was good at making oden in a big pot and a random thought comes to mind. Haruka treasured a big chair that could not fit into a small room. Before she passed away, she had said that she wanted to go and see the sea. The three of them decide to do something for her … …
Cast: Ishii Anna, Motola Serina, Hotta Mayu, Kawai Yumi

Synopsis: Natsuki (Motola Serina) has started working as a trainee at a hair salon as she and Sota (Yoshimura Kaito), her boyfriend since school days, pursue their dreams. One day, Natsuki’s salon manager (Chisun) introduces her to the actor (Yamanaka So) who gave the fashionable Y chair that is in the salon. Natsuki is at the age where she might want to push her city life to the limit. The actor comes up with an attractive and detailed proposal for her interior.
Cast: Motola Serina, Yoshimura Kaito, Chisun, Yamanaka So

Maboroshi no
Synopsis: Kana (Ishibashi Natsumi) works in a small factory. She is quiet at her workplace but she used to have a lively nature. She grins after the Louis Ghost chair that she has always wanted is transported to her house and sits at the dinning table. Then Chie (Shiratori Tamaki), an elementary school student whom she does not know, comes to borrow her stylish chair for a scavenger hunt all of a sudden. Kana reluctantly carries it out. As the two of them trudge along, Kana ends up noticing a strange coincidence.
Cast: Ishibashi Natsumi, Shiratori Tamaki, Jaguar Yokota, Matayoshi Naoki

Ame ga Futteiru
Synopsis: Izumi (Ishibashi Natsumi) and Yuta (Nakamura Aoi) are a married couple who run a small cafe. The cafe has waterproof chairs developed at the request of the US navy so that they do not lose customers when it rains. The couple’s relationship starts to get strained at some point as business declines.
Cast: Ishibashi Natsumi, Nakamura Aoi

Ningentachi no Koe ga Suru
Synopsis: A mysterious beauty (Kuroki Haru) dressed in red comes to a bar called Ningentachi no Koe ga Suru where its manager Tatsuzo (Muro Tsuyoshi) has too much free time on his hands. The woman suddenly starts to recite contemporary poetry that may be her own work but it makes no sense to Tatsuzo. Then she greatly puzzles him when she leaves and says “Put it on my tab”.
Cast: Kuroki Haru, Muro Tsuyoshi, Nagano Munenori, Honda Chikara

Isu o Tori ni Iku
Synopsis: Kozue (Kuroki Haru), a part-timer, lives with her younger sister Yoko (Hoshi Moeka) who is a popular YouTuber. Unable to tolerate Yoko’s attitude of bringing her boyfriend Toru (Okuno Eita) home without permission, Kozue ends up leaving the house. Kozue comes to her senses and wanting to take back the chair that she had originally bought, she sneaks in while her sister is out. However … …
Cast: Kuroki Haru, Hoshi Moeka, Ahn Mika, Okuno Eita

* Yoshioka Riho as Okabayashi Nana/Morikawa Yoshimi/Saeki Yoshimi
* Motola Serina as Saya/Uno Natsuki
* Hotta Mayu as Anna
* Kuroki Haru as Kurohara Kaede/Mashima Kozue
* Ishii Anna as Haruka
* Iwasaki Udai as Ikeda Susumu
* Ginpuncho as Morikawa Yoshimi’s mother
* Kawai Yumi as Eri
* Yoshimura Kaito as Kaga Sota
* Ishibashi Natsumi as Matsushita Kana/Tanakayagi Izumi
* Shiratori Tamaki as Okamura Chie
* Jaguar Yokota as Oba Seiko
* Nakamura Aoi as Tanakayagi Yuta
* Muro Tsuyoshi as Nakamura Tatsuzo
* Hoshi Moeka as Mashima Yoko
* Ahn Mika as Rasubosuka

Matayoshi Naoki (Hibana)

Matsubara Hiroshi, Nagasawa Yoshiya



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