Boku no Daisukina Tsuma! CM

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2 Responses to Boku no Daisukina Tsuma! CM

  1. Thank you! This title calls to my mind my own “daisuki na tsuma” Masako, who passed almost six years ago after 49 years of marriage. I wish I knew how, from Hawaii, to access this new series that begins on 6-04-’22…I watched the short trailer and, sadly, was able to pick up only about 50 percent of the dialog. Several of the actors’ and actresses’ faces are familiar to me.

    Doomo: e-mail maido arigatoo gozaimasu…otsukaresama desu…gokigenyoo! Sore dewa….

  2. I should have noted that Masako and I named our comfort puppy, half-shitzu/half-llasa apso, now 8 yo, “Boku”! Totemo genki de megumarete orimasu…so Boku is “Boku-kun,” and I am “Boku-jiji”!

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