Koi to Yujo no Aida de

Koi to Yujo no Aida de

Official Website

From 11.00 p.m., 21 – 25 March 2022

10 (5 episodes per character)

Fuji on Demand & Hikari TV

Rina’s Version
With youth on her side, Aizawa Rina has no lack of male suitors and thoroughly enjoys nightlife spots. There is a man she wants to call at the end of her day. He is her former university schoolmate, Ichijo Ren, with whom she continues to have a relationship that is between love and friendship. After graduating from university, Rina and Ren joined the same trading company but they gradually grew distant. When her boyfriend Nikaido Naoya proposes marriage, she is not able to give him an immediate reply. Rina eventually marries him and becomes a full-time housewife after resigning form the company. She enjoys living the high life with both time and money. However, one day, she unexpectedly encounters Ren and his girlfriend Asai Mizuki. Although Rina had intended to completely forget about him, her heart stirs. Then she discovers that Naoya is having an affair. She is upset but he unapologetically tells her that they are the ideal couple with the freedom to do what they each want. Rina’s pride makes her keeps up appearances as husband and wife. Just as life is starting to feel empty, Ren suddenly contacts her … …

Ren’s Version
Ichijo Ren takes an interest in Aizawa Rina who seems curt and sullen at a university club’s welcome party and starts talking to her. Rina is beautiful but not the straightforward type. He never thought that they would get more deeply involved but a chance encounter at a job search site brings them closer together. Even though Ren feels that they are more than friends, he becomes a working adult without being able to take the first step forward. Now that he is working for a trading company, Ren enjoys life more than ever and before he realises it, he and Rina have drifted apart. Then one day, he hears that she is getting married. When he attends her wedding ceremony, he is somehow able to get over her. Taking the cue from the unofficial announcement of his posting to Singapore, Ren decides to marry his girlfriend Asai Mizuki. Life in Singapore is peaceful but Mizuki is quite bothered about him talking about Rina a lot. Ren believes he is already over his feelings for her. While he is back in Japan temporarily, he sees Naoya walking closely with a woman who is not Rina. Wondering whether Rina is happy and concerned about her as a “friend”, he decides to call her after some hesitation.

* Hotta Akane as Aizawa Rina
* Izumisawa Yuki as Ichijo Ren
* Takeda Kohei as Nikaido Naoya
* Miyama Karen as Asai Mitsuki
* Watanabe Saori as Mori Yumi
* Ozawa Yuta
* Jinnai Sho

Original Work
Koi to Yujo no Aida de by Yamamoto Risa and Yasumoto Yuka

Toyama Erika (Shimobei)

Ishii Yusuke

Theme Song
No Other Way feat. DedachiKenta & Sincere by The Burning Deadwoods

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