Fuji TV Drama Special 2022 ~ Ki no Straw

Date: From 3.30 p.m., 26 February 2022
Scriptwriter: Matoba Tomomi (Surrogacy)
Director: Moriwaki Tomonobu
Cast: Hotta Mayu, Katayose Ryota, Okochi Hiroshi, Miura Maya, Hashimoto Atsushi, Oishi Eri, Sunaga Kei, Imazato Makoto, Imamura Yoshino, Nakano Tsuyoshi, Kaneko Risa, Nakagawa Kureha, Suzuki Miyu, Ariga Reika, Kawamura Rin, Kohinata Fumiyo (guest star), Suzuki Honami
Synopsis: Wakagi Haruna (Hotta Mayu), an employee at a home builder, Aucent Homes, has topped the sales department in Osaka for three years running owing to her single-mindedness in pushing her way forward once she sets her mind on something. Haruna is ordered to transfer to the public relations department at headquarters. It is headed by Okuzawa Toko, the company’s first female director who is respected within the company and has the CEO Tominaga Yoshiki’s (Kohinata Fumiyo) trust. At the same time, she is feared by her subordinates for her harsh words and attitude. One day, Haruna decides to join an event to pick up trash in the forest as part of her work. She learns that besides selling and buying homes, the home builder she works for has an important role in society. That is to convey and implement what it can do as a company in order to achieve sustainability development goals such as environmental protection. Around this time, there is a heavy downpour. Haruna is lost for words at the news that there is extensive damage including landslides. In fact, she had lost her own house in a landslide caused by heavy rains when she was a child. Several days later, Haruna meets an environmental journalist at the event. She is told that poor forestry management such as periodic tree thinning is a contributing factor to the great destruction, and she begins to consider if proper tree thinning is done, such disasters would be preventable. This sparks her idea of wooden straws which are recycled from the timber from forest thinning. However, in addition to being technically difficult to produce, there is fierce opposition within the company, especially from Toko. However, Toko also has her own perspective. Not wanting anyone to go through a hard time like she did, Haruna refuses to give up. How will she overcome various difficulties and make the wooden straws a reality?
Official Website: www.fujitv.co.jp/kinostraw

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