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Koisenu Futari

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From 10.45 p.m., Mondays, 10 January – 21 March 2022



Is there no happiness without love? Kodama Sakuko has never loved a person, does not understand why people kiss and knows nothing about love or sex. She is unaccustomed to living in a society which assumes that people will fall in love with each other. One day when she visits a supermarket to see a product for a “〇〇 in Love” campaign put together by her junior at work, she encounters by a shop employee Takahashi Satoru who neither wants romance nor sex. He tells her that there are people who do not fall in love and this startles her. Sakuko finds it difficult to live with her parents. With her mother Sakura pressing her to get married, she decides to move out and rent an apartment with her close friend. However, this friend backs out at the last minute after getting back together with an ex-boyfriend, leaving Sakuko nearly broken hearted. She ends up proposing to live with a puzzled Takahashi who agrees as a measure against nosey neighbours that have been bothering him lately. The cohabitation of these two aromantic and asexual people sends ripples through their parents, superiors, neighbours.

Kishii Yukino as Kodama Sakuko
An employee of the business strategy division of Super Marumaru’s head office. She takes very good care of juniors and well-liked by the people around her. She is unaccustomed to living in a society which assumes that people will fall in love with each other.

Takahashi Issei as Takahashi Satoru
An employee at Super Marumaru’s fruits and vegetables section. He spent a lot of time with his grandmother and has been living alone since she passed away six months ago. He acknowledges that he is aromantic and asexual.

Kojima Fujiko as Kadowaki Chizuru
Kodama Sakuko’s good friend since high school. A hairstylist. She has a candid personality and says what she thinks.

Kita Kana as Ishikawa Minori
Kodama Sakuko’s younger sister. She lives with her husband Daisuke and daughter Maya, and is pregnant with their second child. She often visits her parents’ house since she lives nearby.

Kikuchi Akiko as Inozuka Haruka
The boss of an agricultural company called Ino Farm. Something seems to have happened between her and Takahashi Satoru in the past.

Nishida Naomi as Kodama Sakura
Kodama Sakuko’s mother. She is concerned about her daughter who has no interest in getting married but tries not to put pressure on her.

Koichi Mantaro as Kodama Hiromi
Kodama Sakuko’s father. He is a man of few words. But like his wife Sakura, he worries about Sakuko who has no interest in getting married.

Yoshida Erika (30-sai made Dotei da to Mahotsukai ni Narerurashii, Heaven? Gokuraku Restaurant)

Noguchi Yuta, Oshida Yuta, Doi Shohei

Theme Song
Marugoto by CHAI

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