Tokai TV Drama Special 2022 ~ Kazoku no Shashin

Kazoku no Shashin

Date: From 2.00 p.m., 2 January 2022
Scriptwriter: Ito Nanoha (Gohoubi Gohan)
Director: Yagi Junichiro
Cast: Goriki Ayame, Yoshitani Ayako, Mito Natsume, Kido Taisei, Kato Noriko, Masu Takeshi
Synopsis: 27-year-old Mochizuki Miharu (Goriki Ayame), a photographer active in Tokyo, received a lot of attention after she won an honourable mention at a photography exhibition several years ago. However, that did not last and she only takes photographs for supermarket leaflets now. One day, a phone call from Miyata Saki (Mito Natsume), an old friend in her hometown of Toyohashi in Nagoya, makes Miharu decide to return home. Her father Yataro (Masu Takeshi), who has been running a photography studio locally for many years, intends to close his business. He is no longer able to control the release of the shutter due to deteriorating eyesight caused by his advancing age. What angers Miharu is that he kept her in the dark about his health and took this important decision. She leaves for Toyohashi in the company of her assistant Nakagawa Kazuya (Kido Taisei). When she comes face to face with her father and flares up, he pays no attention and say, “Well, why not?” Miharu has hated this pet phrase of his since long ago since she cannot help feeling that they are words of compromise or resignation. She decides to stay in Toyohashi for a while. Her former classmates Saki and Tanahashi Ruriko (Yoshitani Ayako) approach her with a proposal, asking if she can take pictures that captures the charm of their hometown for a photography exhibition that will take the place of the local Toyohashi festival which has been cancelled as a result of the pandemic. Miharu eagerly accepts their request, thinking that this will be the culmination of her work so far. However, an unexpected development is about to evolve into a situation that will influence her life as a photographer … …
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