Fuji TV Scenario Prize 2021 ~ Odoriba nite

Odoriba nite

Date: From 12.25 a.m., 31 December 2021
Scriptwriter: Ubukata Miku
Director: Yanagisawa Ryosuke
Cast: Takimoto Miori, Nakata Seina, Aoki Yuzu, Tomita Miu, Kubota Yuki, Yasui Junpei, Nishinori Ruka, Tomita Yasuko
Synopsis: 29-year-old Misono Maiko (Takimoto Miori) had been active overseas, pursuing her dream to be a professional ballerina. However, she eventually gave up and returned to Japan. Not wanting to do anything besides ballet, she starts working as a Japanese language teacher at a high school near her parents’ house. The irony for Maiko, who has just given up on her own dream, is that a high school is a place full of dreams and hopes. On top of that, she is made the adviser of the volleyball team, a sport that she has completely no experience in, and there are also many students with strong personalities in the class that she is in charge of. Her anxiety mounts. Second-year student Kaneko Asuka (Nakata Seina), one of the students in Maiko’s form class, is the volleyball team’s captain and ace. It seems that Asuka will continue playing volleyball even in university. But she is aware of her true ability and at the point of giving up on advancing to university through the sport. Sato Masamune (Aoki Yuzu) who is in the same class, always carries a guitar bag. However, he learns of the of a senior in the music club and is unable to join because he presumes that he no match for him. Third-year student Marusawa Momoe (Tomita Miu) confesses her feelings to her classmate Koki (Nishinori Ruka) for the seventh time. No matter how many times he rejects her, she just cannot get over him. Through Maiko’s interactions with these students, she finds out that they are conflicted about giving up their dreams which prompts her to take a good look at her present self. Meanwhile, Maiko is shown what she penned for her elementary school graduation by her mother Yuko (Tomita Yasuko). Even though she had been under the impression that her dream in the future was to be a ballet dancer, she actually wrote about becoming a teacher. And she has fulfilled this dream. During lessons one day, Maiko is stuck on a word in a certain classical writing and suddenly starts talking to her students about “giving up”. They take in her words and decide on their respective paths. After that, Maiko performs her first small ballet dance on the school’s dance floor.
Official Website: www.fujitv.co.jp/odoribanite

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