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On this morning, everyone is watching Mezamashi TV and vaguely paying attention to the Horoscope Corner as usual. When told that their zodiac is number one today, they are unbelievably happy. This somehow motivates them to take a shot at things they typically do not do, just for today. Salaryman Nojima Nobuyuki is a single father bringing up his 6-year-old daughter Mika after splitting with his wife two years ago. He had already been struggling to balance work and child raising before COVID-19 began. It has become even more difficult now and he worries whether he is doing it right. Murakami Noriko has been living alone in the suburbs of Tokyo since her husband passed away two years earlier. Her daughter used to bring her grandchild to visit her frequently. But all this changed due to fears of spreading COVID-19. She fears they will never come over again and feels depressed to be told that she is an “unnecessary existence”. Nobuyuki’s young colleague Kondo Eitaro has used the pandemic as an excuse to avoid going to the restaurant owned by Matsuoka, a senior whom he is indebted to. Matsuoka had taken the blame for Eitaro’s rant at a client’s tyrannical behaviour and getting fired by their company. A third-year high school student Baba Yuriko belongs to the female basketball club. She feels sorry for her senior Natsuko, whom she always asked for advice, because the championships that was cancelled last summer as a result of COVID-19, will be held this year. These four people from completely different backgrounds who happened to watch Mezamashi TV on the same day at the same time, create little miracles of kindness as they try out something they do not always do, passing along happiness from person to person.

*Inohara Yoshihiko as Nojima Nobuyuki
*Shirasu Jin as Kondo Eitaro
*Fukumoto Riko as Baba Yuriko
*Mita Yoshiko as Murakami Noriko

Saijo Mitsutoshi (Chef wa Meitantei, Omoshiro Nankyoku Ryorinin, Oh My Jump!)

Ota Ryo

Theme Song
Mou Sukoshi Dake by Yoasobi



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