#Izakaya Shinkansen

Izakaya Shinkansen

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From 12.58 a.m., Wednesdays, 15 December 2021 – 9 February 2022



Takamiya Susumu, a salaryman who works for an insurance company’s internal audit office, travels around the country on same-day business trips using the shinkansen. His secret pleasure is to take away the local delicacies found at his destination including boxed meals bought at the train station, local delicacies, brewed sake and craft beer, and enjoy it on the return journey in the shinkansen. The train becomes like an izakaya to him, a place to relax with good food and drinks along with unforgettable sweets. On this day, he is on a business trip to Aomori. Takamiya is disliked as usual due to the nature of his work but he heads to Aomori Gyosai Centre to prepare a feast and cheer himself up. Despite struggling to make out the Tsugaru dialect of Yokoyama Shinobu, a shop staff at the centre, he manages to buy diced herring and simmered mizu, a mountain vegetable. While walking around the street, he gets ginger miso oden. In addition, he has Kikunoi sake made from rice produced in Aomori to pair with the food.

* Mashima Hidekazu as Takamiya Susumu

Guest Stars
* Niiyama Chiharu (Ep 1)
* Oishi Goro (Ep 3)
* Mizuma Ron (Ep 7)
* Sakai Maki (Ep 8)

Original Work
#Izakaya Shinkansen by Amamiya Saron

Kida Norio (Hamura Akira), Kurosawa Hisako (Hamura Akira, Tokyo Joshi Zukan, Arechi no Koi)
Aso Kumiko (Oshi no Oujisama, Lunch Gokon Tantei, Double Fantatsy)
Yokomaku Tomohiro (Meikenchiku de Chuushoku o Series, Sousa Kaigi wa Living de!, Otoko no Misao)  

Shibazaki Hiroki, Yoshino Mamoru, Eda Goshi

Ending Theme
7997 by Orange Spiny Crab

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