Konintodoke ni Han o Oshita dake desu ga


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From 10.00 p.m., Tuesdays, 19 October – 21 December 2021



27-year-old Okado Akiha, a designer at Morita Design, has had her share of romance but there is not a single man she has wished to marry because all the boyfriends she dated were horrible men. Happy to have friends that she can drink with and a job she finds rewarding, she welcomes remaining single for the rest of her life! Even though she has colleagues who are bent on getting a marriage partner, only her CEO Morita Satoshi is married at the workplace. When her friends announce their wedding, they use this opportunity to ask about her plans to get married, but she sidesteps it and enjoys a carefree single life. One day, Akiha is having lunch with her colleagues at a family restaurant when she witnesses the scene of a person’s proposal of marriage! However, the woman suddenly gets angry and throws water at the man. At a drinking session, Akiha happens to meet Momose Shu, a salaryman who works for an advertising agency. He is the very man who was dumped big time at the family restaurant earlier in the day. They have only been acquainted for all of 30 minutes when he bombards Akiha about her views on marriage as if the incident with the woman in the daytime had not taken place. Then, Shu unexpectedly asks her to marry him. On top of that, he begins to talk about a form of marriage that Akiba had never imagined – a sham marriage. He wants to marry her because he needs the status of a married man for a certain reason. While Akiha is seething with anger at his unbelievable proposal, she gets a call informing her that her grandmother Hatsue has collapsed. Needing money to care for her sick grandmother and save her family’s small restaurant from going bankrupt, Akiha agrees to register her marriage to Shu on condition that he lends her 5 million yen. They begin to live together and clash with each other. However, Akiha finds herself attracted to the slight kindness that Shu shows and gradually comes to understand the true reason he wanted to have this sham marriage. Will the two of them begin to change while living under the same roof?

Sakaguchi Kentaro as Momose Shu
A salesman who works for an advertising agency. Despite being a strait-laced oddball, he is good looking and serious in his work which has earned the trust of the people around him. Because he needs to be designated a married man for some reason, he proposes a sham marriage to Okado Akiha when they have only just met.

Seino Nana as Okado Akiha
A designer who works at Morita Design. She currently does not have a boyfriend but she finds her job rewarding and exults in single life. However, she becomes Momose Shu’s fake wife in an unexpected turn of events … …

Takasugi Mahiro as Makihara Yuito
A nurse who works for an animal clinic. He is friendly, spontaneous and does things at his own pace. He does not seem to be thinking of anything since he looks frivolous, but he is actually quick to discern things.

Maeno Tomoya As Momose Asahi
Momose Shu’s older brother who is the complete opposite of Shu in terms of looks and character. He gets on well with his wife Miharu. He took over Momo’s Bento, the family business of takeaway meals which he runs with Miharu. He is simple, cheerful and has a big heart.

Fukagawa Mai as Mamiya Shoko
A receptionist at the advertising agency where Momose Shu works. She wishes to get married but getting a husband who is a good catch is more important to her than love. In fact, Shu had previously proposed marriage to her.

Tanabe Seiichi as Morita Satoshi
The CEO of Morita Design. A capable man and a good boss who takes care of his employees and protects them when necessary. He is called a devoted husband by his subordinates but … …

Kino Hano as Okado Hatsue
Okado Akiha’s grandmother. She runs a small restaurant known as Hatsuya in the outskirts of Tokyo, and raised Akiha instead of Akiha’s parents who live overseas. Since Akiha said she would not get married, she is delighted by her marriage to Momose Shu.

Original Work
Konintodoke ni Han o Oshita dake desu ga by Yuki Aoharu

Tanabe Shigenori (Oh! My Boss!, Bishoku Tantei Akechi Goro, Tokusatsu Gagaga)
Okazaki Satoko (Kaseifu no Mitazono Seasons 3 – 4, PTA Grandpa Series)

Kaneko Fuminori, Takemura Kentaro

Theme Song
Heart by Aimyon

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