Boku no Nee-chan

Boku no Nee-chan

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From 24 September 2021


Amazon Prime (followed by TV Tokyo in 2022)

Shirai Chiharu and her younger brother Junpei are housesitting and living together for the moment while their parents are on an overseas assignment. 30-year-old Chiharu is humorous but also has a sharp tongue. 24-year-old Junpei works at the sales department of a manufacturing company and has been in the workforce for a year. He listens to his older sister even though she trifles with him. After they get home from work, they each eat their favourite food and drink together as they talk about love, work, interests and life. Chiharu’s true opinions in this no holds barred conversation between the siblings, may sound cynical and mean but Junpei is curiously able to accept them because she says it with all honesty. Junpei starts to get interested in a colleague Sanada Mihoko and is in a good mood when he gets home one day. He happily tells his sister that the real self that Mihoko unintentionally let him see was cute. However, Chiharu declares, “Junpei, women are never spontaneous” and this comment makes him feel slightly perturbed. On the other hand, Chiharu cannot stomach the “domesticated key words” that her female colleagues use at the consumer electronics importer where she works. Junpei is bewildered by his sister’s unexpected story but he gets the sense that he would not be able to hear such true feelings outside the house.

* Kuroki Haru as Shirai Chiharu
* Sugino Yosuke as Shirai Junpei
* Kubota Sayu as Sanada Mihoko
* Wakabayashi Takuya as Yoshioka
* Hiraiwa Kami as Shoji Asumi
* Watanabe Daichi as Tanizaki
* Yuya Shintaro as Miyadai
* Katagiri Jin

Original Work
Boku no Nee-chan by Masuda Miri

Yoshida Yoshiko, Shimizu Tadashi (Tada Rikon Shitenai dake, Mushikago no Jomae, Aku no Hadou)
Takada Ryo (Iki o Hisomete, 60 Gohan Taisakushitsu, Koi no Tsuki)

Yoshida Yoshiko

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