Hikikomori Sensei Season 1

Hikikomori Sensei

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From 9.00 p.m., Saturdays, 12 June – 10 July 2021



Ueshima Yohei spent 11 years as a social recluse from the age of 38 to 49. Three years ago, he finally got out of his room. He is a “survivor” so to speak. After emerging from isolation, he started a yakitori shop with the help of people in the community. However, he can barely speak to customers and is still in the process of reintegrating with society. One day, Yohei is asked to be a part-time teacher at a municipal junior high school. The school’s principal Sakaki Tetsuzo wants someone with the experience of withdrawing from society to assist students who refuse to attend school, and selects Yohei. It is a groundbreaking idea that the school’s social worker Isozaki Aiko and a young teacher Fukano Shoko came up with as they reached a stalemate in running classes for the students. This is too much of a load for Yohei to bear and he firmly refuses. However, he happens to meet one of these students called Nana. She reminds him of his own daughter whom he is separated from. Yohei’s resolve is shaken. With the support of Yoda, a fellow social recluse; Nagamine, a supporter since Yohei’s days as a social recluse; Yohei’s mother Mitsuko and other people, Yohei eventually decides to take charge of STEP Room, a special class which these students brings together. It is a hard struggle to delve into the minds of students with complicated family backgrounds, financial difficulties, do not fit in in class … …

Sato Jiro as Ueshima Yohei
He emerged from 11 years of self-imposed isolation three years ago and is still in the process of reintegrating with society. He is asked by Sakaki Tetsuzo, a municipal junior high school’s principal, to be a part-time teacher of STEP Room.

Suzuki Honami as Isozaki Aiko
A school social worker.

Sakuma Yui as Fukano Shoko
A young junior high school teacher who is the homeroom teacher for the students who refuse to attend school.

Takahashi Katsunori as Sakaki Tetsuzo
The principal junior high school that is facing difficulty managing classes because of students who refuse to go to school. He wants someone with the experience of withdrawing from society to assist these students, and chooses Ueshima Yohei.

Original Work
Hikikomori Sensei by Hishida Shinya

Kajimoto Emi (Borderline)

Nishitani Shinichi, Ishizuka Yoshimi

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