Cold Game

Cold Game

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From 11.40 p.m., Saturdays, 5 June – 24 July 2021


Fuji TV

The world is plunged into an ice age of -45 deg C after the earth’s axis is changed by the collision with a meteorite. Few humans have survived in this extreme world where communications and traffic have been cut off. Kimura Shoko is a talented swindler with two prior convictions and would do anything to survive. Although she is serving time in prison, she manages to escape to an evacuation centre during the ensuing chaos after the giant meteorite’s direct hit. This centre is run by a former lawmaker of the House of Representatives, Kisaragi Yuichiro, who gives priority to families. The survivors live together, sharing the limited food and resources. In order to survive at the evacuation centre, Shoko decides to have a fake family called the Kimuras while living with a secret. The family members are “son” Daiki who is intent on revenge against someone, “daughter” Haruna who is a smart high school student and “father” Takashi who is harmless and too nice but complains a lot.

Hada Michiko as Kimura Shoko
A talented swindler with two prior convictions. She used to handle over-the-counter services at the municipal office but no one imagined that she would be a fraudster and convict. As maybe expected of one, she has the ability to execute, plan, adapt to circumstances and take decisions. However, she has one regret. She is worried about the wellbeing of her son whom she was separated from and believes he is alive at another evacuation centre. Her hope of meeting him again keeps her alive. She will do anything to survive the current situation.

Yuki Kousei as Kimura Daiki
The “eldest son” of the Kimuras. He is most popular with females and the women at the evacuation centre try to get close to him due to his handsome looks and also great physique. A member of the expedition team that uncovers and brings back supplies from supermarkets and warehouses which have been buried under thick ice. He has been lucky so far that he has not been out in dangerous places in the extremely cold weather. He cannot die. There is something that he has to do and for that he has to stay alive. It is to take revenge on the person who drove his girlfriend and her father to their deaths shortly before the ice age.

Kumada Rinka as Kimura Haruna
A smart high school student who is more composed than anyone else. She always takes a step back and looks at things. She does not mean to be offensive but her very blunt way of speaking easily hurts people and often causes trouble at the evacuation centre. However, there is a part of her that is still a child and she occasionally looks lonely. She is skeptical of “family”, and thinks that it is fine as long as biological parents or other people love children. She has little desire to live through this ice age. But her feelings gradually begin to change as she develops a liking for Daiki before she even realises it … …

Yasu as Kimura Takashi
The “father” of the Kimuras. He is always smiling and seems to be a harmless, nice person. He constantly has regrets and many complaints. His favourite phrase is “I was surprisingly outstanding in my younger days”. However, none of the family members believe that. Another phrase is “From the conclusion…”. He naturally has never once arrived at a conclusion. He has difficulty deciding on things and misses every opportunity. However, while living through this ice age, he also occasionally displays momentary flashes of manliness in his desperation for the sake of his “family”. He seems to enjoy this fake family life a little.

Nakamura Shunsuke as Kisaragi Yuichiro
The leader who manages the seventh evacuation centre. A former lawmaker of the House of Representatives. Before the ice age, he was a popular, affable politician known for his clean image. He continues to be popular even at the seventh branch and has been entrusted with running the evacuation centre. His slogan is “Let’s survive with love as our motto”. He actually has more than a slight connection with Kimura Shoko but this is a fact that few people know. He believes in the existence of “evacuation headquarters” where the government leaders have escaped the ice age. He thinks he should be the first person to be rescued and become Japan’s leader after this period. He declares that the seventh branch cares about family but there is some cunning calculation behind this.

Komatsu Eriko (Risou no Otoko, Inseki Kazoku, Itsumade mo Shiroi Hane)

Chiba Yukitoshi, Goto Yosuke

Theme Song
Kaeribana no Orion by First Summer Uika

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