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Kawa Hotori de

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From 11.00 p.m., Fridays, 2 April – 7 May 2021



Toshi-chan and BB live in huts with blue sheets on the banks of the Tama River. Having lived there for several years, they are familiar with the area. The two of them gather cans across town from 4 am in the morning and sleep at 7 pm in order to save money on electricity at night. While they do not have substantial income, they are not particularly concerned about money. They are carefree each day and take pride in being homeless men who can support themselves. Nao, a young female actress from a small theatre company, suddenly shows up at Toshi-chan’s hut one day. She is playing a heroine who has a grand romance with the leader of homeless men in her next performance and wants him to agree to an interview. BB who has returned from collecting empty cans is also enticed by the present that Nao offers and ends up helping her. This is the beginning of a long night for the trio … …

Ayata Toshiki as Toshi-chan
He is friendly but also rather calculative. A romantic who loves women, he will treat the women that he likes to weak top grade tea made from used leaves hung up to dry on a laundry hanger.

Bengal as BB
He looks fierce and seems like a frank man who will not pull back. But he easily eats his own words once he is enticed by something. He collects things that can be used and is good at DIY.

Narumi Riko as Nao
A young actress who belongs to a small theatre company. She comes to interview Toshi-chan and BB in order to prepare for her role. She is full of curiosity and completely draws the two men in with her lively personality.

Koizumi Kyoko as Pemako
A mysterious woman who suddenly shows up at BB’s house and imposes on him. She talks about her country being taken over in a coup d’état and fleeing across borders with no belongings. She seems to be a member of royalty and is searching for the prince who also fled abroad … …

Kishibe Ittoku as Chame-san
The leader of the residents living by the river bank. His black silk hat is his trademark. He was quite wealthy in the past. But he lost a lot of money due to some incident and gave up everything to become a homeless man.

Baisho Mitsuko as Hijiri-san
A legendary homeless woman who is called the homeless Joan of Arc. The residents who live at the river bank adore her as their big benefactor.

Usuda Asami as Yuko
Chame-san’s daughter. Even though she has not seen her father for a long time after he left home and went missing, she tracks him down to inform him that she is getting married.

Tekkan Master
Okudera Satoko (Watashi Teiji de Kaerimasu, Reverse, N no Tame ni)
Yamada Kota
Abe Teruo (Utenai Keikan)
Nagatsuka Keishi
Hirayama Hideyuki

Hirayama Hideyuki

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