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Hairstylist Eri and accountant Hiroyuki, a couple in their 40s, are in their second marriage. They go on trips, enjoy meals, and make the most of a comfortable life together. If they have any concerns, it has to do with slightly sagging looks, the lack of sex lately, and practically giving up on having children. They respond in an interview with a movie director that they have no complaints about married life … … However, Eri has a secret that she cannot tell her husband. When a mysterious woman shows up at Hiroyuki’s accounting firm, the couple is confronted with a baffling and unbelievable event. Seiya, Rin, Reira, Takashi and Nakayama who attend the same high school are childhood friends. They are so close that they go to karaoke after school and hang out together all the time. But lately, they have been feeling a little awkward on occasion due to their awareness of the opposite sex and looks. They are ordinary high school students. The only difference is that they live in a country where most of the adults around them look the same. Every adult walking the streets have the same male and female faces. These five young people fall in love in such a world. One day, Rin and Eri meet at a movie theatre … …

Yoshida Yo as Eri
A hairstylist and owner of her own salon. She seems to have a happy relationship with her husband Hiroyuki and be satisfied with life. But on the night of her 44th birthday, she drinks the wine that Hiroyuki gifted her alone as she cries. The next day, she is told by Hiroyuki that she has grown 10 years younger. However, she is not aware of anything.

Hirahara Tetsu as Hiroyuki
An accountant who runs his own firm. He became acquainted with Eri who came to him as a client and they got married. He treasures their couple time such as going on holidays together and celebrating anniversaries. As his daughter with his ex-wife and Eri share the same birthdate, he makes time for each of them every year. However, when he is suddenly faced with a situation where his wife has become younger, he is bewildered.

Renbutsu Misako as Eri
She opens a hair salon at the age of 33. At the same time, she feels that she has reached the limits of married life with her husband Kenji and files for divorce. After that, she grows close to Hiroyuki who provided advice on tax matters at the time she opened her hair salon, and she gets remarried. After she is told by Hiroyuki that she has grown younger the day after her 44th birthday, she somehow feels a change in the looks that people give her … …

Hashimoto Jun as Kenji
Eri’s ex-husband. He used to be a photographer but he no longer has work and income. He neither searches for a job nor supports a busy Eri who has struck out on her own as a hairstylist. As a result, their relationship breaks down. He is told by Eri that she wants a divorce and leave home but … …

Ono Karin as Eri
She gets a job at a hair salon at the age of 23 and has just taken her first step to realise her dream to be a hair stylist. She loves Kenji whom she is dating but faces an unforeseen situation … …

Suga Kenta as Kenji
Eri’s boyfriend in her 20s. He aspires to be a photographer. He is a self-centred guy and while they are dating, he forbids Eri from looking at the mobile phone and has her take photos.

Inagaki Goro as Director
A movie director. He keeps on interviewing Hiroyuki, who says that his wife Eri has grown younger, as well as Eri, who does not realise that she has changed. His objective is a mystery.

Kato Takuya (Shinitai Yoru ni Kagitte, Miki Clinic de Kanpai o)

Nishimura Takegoro, Kashima Yu, Tanaka Yoji, Kato Takuya

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