Solo Katsu Joshi no Susume Season 1

Solo Katsu

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From 12.52 a.m., Saturdays, 3 April – 19 June 2021


TV Tokyo

Sotome Megumi works at the editorial department of the publishing company Digest Publishing as a contract employee. She is invited by her colleagues to a welcome party after work. However, Megumi turns them down and quickly gets off work. She is in such a rush as she is heading somewhere in search of a new solo activity where she can pamper herself. In fact, a rapidly growing number of women are attracted to the freedom and ease of being on their own, enjoying a luxurious time by themselves at a place and time that they like. Megumi delights in activities such as dining solo at restaurants, having her own girl’s night out, and staying alone at a love motel. First of all, she heads to a barbecue meat joint. She is brought to her seat and while she is looking at the menu, the actions of three groups of young people in the restaurant remind her of an incident several years ago. Her main solo activity for the day is taking a limousine ride and she dresses herself up for a party … …

* Eguchi Noriko as Sotome Megumi
* Kobayashi Kinako as Kuroda Ayako
* Shibuya Kento as Ishioka Yohei
* Sasaki Haruka as Aoki Haruka

Original Work
Solo Katsu Joshi no Susume by Asai Mayumi

Oikawa Hironori (First Class Season 2)

Oikawa Hironori

Ending Theme
Herge by Homecomings


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