Kohi Ikaga deshou

Kohi Ikaga deshou

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From 11.06 p.m., Mondays, 5 April – 24 May 2021


TV Tokyo & Paravi

Aoyama Hajime is the owner of a mobile coffee joint called Tako Coffee. He puts his heart into each cup of coffee that he makes and the taste of the coffee somehow helps a person to relax. Riding in his coffee truck, he goes from street to street, healing the hearts of people who have been slightly hurt in their lives, wherever he goes. Office lady Gakine Shima is one of them. Because of her awkwardness, she is scolded every day by her boss who emphasises efficiency while the person who gets praised all the time is her cheerful and effective junior. One day as Shima is feeling lonely during lunchtime, she catches the fragrant scent of coffee out of nowhere. Its source is the mobile coffee joint Tako Coffee. Shima is impressed with Aoyama’s process of carefully brewing each cup of coffee and the deliciousness of coffee that she is served. She reflexively confides in him that she feels weighed down by her awkwardness.

Nakamura Tomoya as Aoyama Hajime
The owner of the mobile coffee joint Tako Coffee. He rides his coffee truck, going from street to street and healing the hearts of people wherever he goes. Although he seems like a prince who does not have a care in the world, he has an unimaginable secret.

Kaho as Gakine Shima
An office lady whose motto is sincerity, courtesy, duty and compassion. She is upstaged by her junior at work and not even recognised by her boss. Her heart has been broken every day from being made to clean up people’s mistakes but she is comforted by Tako Coffee which she happens to come across one day.

Isomura Hayato as Sugi Sanpei
A mysterious guy who is deeply connected with Aoyama Hajime’s past. What happened between the two of them?

Guest Stars
* Adachi Rika as Baba (Ep 1)
* Kanjiya Shihori as Hayano Misaki (Ep 1)
* Usada Asami as Rei (Ep 2)
* Yamada Anna as Daimon Miyabi (Ep 2)
* Totsugi Shigeyuki as Iida Masahiko (Ep 3)
* Kote Shinya as Mori (Ep 3)
* Kakei Miwako as Iida Yumi (Ep 3)
* Takito Kenichi as Akemi (Ep 3)
* Maruyama Tomomi as Endo (Ep 3)
* Ichinose Wataru as Gonza (Ep 4)
* Yamada Maho as Gonza’s wife (Ep 4)
* Iketani Mion as Orie (Ep 4)
* Nomaguchi Toru as Kikukawa Sadao (Ep 4)
* Matsumoto Wakana as Kikukawa Mari (Ep 4)
* Mitsuura Yasuko as Motae (Ep 4)
* Miyase Ryubi as Bocchan (Ep 6 – 7)
* Watanabe Dai as Hanabishi (Ep 4 – 7)
* Tsurumi Shingo as Yubari (Ep 7)
* Nagano Sora as Bocchan (Ep 7)
* Ichige Yoshie as Sachiko (Ep 8)
* Miyano Hina as Mako (Ep 8)
* Maeda Oshiro as Young Tako (Ep 8)
* Morisako Ei as Young Sachiko (Ep 8)

Original Work
Kohi Ikaga deshou by Konari Misato

Ogigami Naoko

Ogigami Naoko, Mori Yoshitaka, Shoji Hiroshi

Ending Theme
CHAIN by Nulbarich

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